31 Days Of Horror (Day 29) – The Monster Squad (1987)

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The Monster Squad is a fun and awesome horror film from the late 80’s following a group of monster fanatics who need to protect their small town from Dracula’s monsters.

This film was nothing but fun. I do not know why it took me so long to watch this film. It was just everything that I needed in a film. I think the reason wy this film is so good is how fun it is. It doesn’t really feel like a horror film. It is more like a fantasy popcorn film that you can watch at any time anywhere.

The film just made me smile and I laughed a few times as well. I really do not know whats going on after this film it made me remember why I love film so much.

I think if there’s one way to end your Halloween season It is with this film. It is 100% pure gold. I wouldn’t even dream of trying to spoil this film for anyone, though I am sure (unlike me) You have likely seen the film already.

All I will say is that the film showcases some fo the most well-known horror monsters and brings them to life for a new generation. The film is quirky and fun and has a kind of (in a way) family feel. I only say this as I was told recently I loved this film growing up even though the film is a 15.

I think it is one fo those films that is so fun that your parents can just let you watch it even though it will most likely leave you with nightmares.

I love The Monster Squad and I think it is a for certain way to round of what has been a great season of horror films.

| Ross Wilcock

Horror, Family, Comedy | 1987 | Dir.Fred Dekker | Andre Gower, Roby Kiger, Tom Noonan

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