31 Days Of Horror (Day 27 ) – The Fog (1980)

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The Fog is probably one fo my favourite horror films of all time. It is one that I can watch any day any time. But if you have not seen it then I suggest taking this Halloween season to give it a watch.

From horror master, John carpenter‘s The Fog is a 1980’s supernatural ghost story. Set in the fictional town of Antonio Bay California, as the town celebrates its 100th anniversary, visitors from the towns beginning come to seek revenge on the town’s residents for the lives the town took to form them.

The Fog is one of the spookiest horror films I think that still scares me even after seeing the film numerous times. I think this was a lot to do with how subtle the film was. It starts off very eerie with a man telling the original story of the town to a group of young campers from there the film sets its self up and we get to know out leading characters, one of which is, of course, the scream queen  legend Jamie Lee Curtis, whom at this point had only been on Halloween. The film continues to build up from there slowly growing in tension and suspense until we get to the peak of the film where things really become epic.

I think for a film by the man that brought us Halloween, this is a show stopper in my opinion. I would have loved to have seen this film back when it was originally released. I think it would have been interesting to see the film with people who were expecting another Halloween. I have a lot of respect for Carpenter, as I assume he would have had much pressure on him to really pull through with this film after Halloween’s success.

I don’t want to say I like this film better than Halloween exactly, but It is on a different level and in some ways I feel it is a much more detailed and polished film than Halloween, although the graininess and low budget feel was what made Halloween so awesome.

This is a film I could talk about all day but instead I think I will just let you all watch it.This is a show stopper of a film and has everything going for it. I recommend this with everything I have.

| Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 1980 | Dir.John Carpenter | Jamie Lee Curtis, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, Janet Leigh

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