31 Days Of Horror (Day 10) -April Fool’s Day (1986)

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Why should this be on your Halloween movie list? Well, this 1986 slasher film from Paramount Pictures – the Company that made famous the horror hit from 1980 Friday the 13th. Is a truly outstanding and stand out piece of slasher cinema. Coming in the mists of the slasher sequels of Halloween and Friday the 13th April Fools day was a shocker for audiences as they were taken on a unique ride in this cult classic.

Starring Friday the 13th Part 2’s Amy Steel, April Fools day follows the story of a group of college friends going to visit their friend Muffy for the weekend on her private island. Things quickly go horribly wrong when one by one the group are picked off and with no way off of the Island until morning, they have to figure out who and what is doing this before there is no one else.

This is by far one of my favourite slasher films of all time and it is most certainly within my top ten. I think its just that it reminds me of an early Scream (1996) in a way, as the film is very comical yet treats itself also like a serious slasher film. I think at this point (seeing as I was nor born yet) this was something of a massive shock for cinema-goers as the slasher genre was becoming sort of a joke.

This was due to the rise in slasher sequels so the film really didn’t stand much of a chance if it hadn’t been for the fact that paramount was behind the film, This would have helped the film a lot get into cinemas and get people going to see it.

Despite this though April fools day is a master class slasher, being slightly more or a slow burner and with little gore (but gory enough) this wasn’t the typical slasher that, at the time, audiences were expecting.

I think that’s why I am recommending it for people to watch at this time of year. It’s very different and has a place in the genre. And if your reading this and have never seen it you are in for one hell of a treat.

Take my advice does not watch any reviews or read anything about this film go into it with an open mind and knowing next to nothing. All you need to know is that I highly highly recommend it and for me this si certainly a top ten slasher gem and it is most definitely a movie to have on your Halloween list this year, and ever year.

| Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 1986 | 15 | Dir.Fred Walton | Deborah Foreman, Griffin O’Neal, Clayton Rohner, Jay Baker, Pat Barlow

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