31 Days Of Horror (Day 4) – Someone’s watching me! (1978)

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Someone’s watching me! is a 1978 TV horror film directed by John Carpenter. It aired on NBC about a month or so after Halloween was released.

Someone’s watching me! follows the story of Leigh (Lauren Hutton) a woman who moves to LA from New York for a job as a TV Director. In her new apartment she begins to get strange and bizarre phone calls. This triggers her to order who this could be, but when she begins receiving gifts and card for her watcher, things take a horrific turn when friends of hers begin to disappear.

I knew nothing about this film going into it and to be honest I am so pleased that I didn’t because that wayI was left wondering what this film would be like.

Considering it was a TV film I knew nothing too extreme would happen and as the film was released around the same time as Halloween I was intrigued to see how this would differ from it. It was a lot like watching a Hitchcock film, which I can tell u is a great thing. I loved the suspense in this film and the way it was shot. It was very rear window meets When A Stranger calls, which I loved.

This was a made for Tv movie, which was a pretty common thing throughout the 70’s and 80’s, they usually had limit violence and had to reframe from swearing. That was something, I will admit I was worried about but I was happy to see that despite that the film managed to draw you in and I found that having limited violence and no strong language at all actually meant you focussed more on the film itself.

It was nice to see John Carpenter channelling his inner Hitchcock with this film. Seeing as it was released roughly the same time as Halloween, I liked that he still mad this tv film as it shows his range in what he can do as a filmmaker.

Someone’s watching me is a great film for sure to add to anyone’s Halloween watch list. If you are a horror fan or a John carpenter fan I will tell you this will not disappoint. It is fabulous. A very well done thought through and gripping film, although slow at times It was a very great film to watch and I will be watching it every year from now on.

| Ross Wilcock

Horror, Mystery | USA, 1978 | Dir.John Carpenter | Lauren Hutton, David Birney, Adrienne Barbeau

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