31 Days Of Horror (Day 26) – Young Frankenstein (1974)

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Young Frankenstein is an eerie 70’s horror comedy film starring the late great Gene Wilder, who plays the American grandson of the scientist Dr Victor Von Frankenstein. The grandson ends up getting his grandfather’s castle and there he begins to explore more about his grandfather’s reanimation experiment.

This Halloween season I was exploring all my personal favourite horror films to bring to you all. Now that I have done that I have decided to explore films that I have never seen before and ones that I have been meaning to watch. Young Frankenstein is one of those films. I am going to confess something. I went into this film thinking and assuming it was a horror film and even though, to an extent it does follow the story fo the original Frankenstein this film was bloody funny.

This was a film that was made in the 70s but filmed as though it was a 30’s film. I think that is what give the film its edge. Being a fan of the original Frankenstein I really didn’t know hat I was getting myself in for with this film and I am so pleased that I watched it and got the chance to watch it.

The film was written  directed by Mel Brooks which may tell you the quality of the film, of course, I haven’t seen any of his films so I wouldn’t feel right to comment. Though if his other works are anything like this then I shall love it.

I know this might not be your traditional Halloween film but it is based upon a horror film that is known worldwide and is regarded as one fo the best horror stories ever told.I loved that the film just had that 30’s film feel to it and how it totally gets you off guard.

Young Frankenstein is a film in want to rave about but I feel like I’d is doing an injustice to you by telling you how great this film is. Again like I said It is a wonderful and funny film that might give u a little break from the horror films you have been watching this month.

| Ross Wilcock

Horror, Comedy | USA, 1974 | Dir.Mel Brooks | Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle,Madeline Kahn

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