31 Days Of Horror (Day 13) – Wrong Turn (2003)

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Wrong Turn is, to me, one of the best “lost in the woods slasher films of all time. Very much taking from previous horror legendary films such as The Hills have Eyes (1977). I firmly believe this film deserves its rightful place on everyone to watch list every Halloween.

A group of 20 somethings are on a road trip when their car is run off the road. Together with another guy – who nearly crashed into them due to their accident – Find themselves the prey of cannibalistic Hill people and the fight for survival is a tough one as they do not know the woods like their hunters do.

The wrong Turn Is a film that I watch pretty often, unlike a lot of films I have reviewed over this series this si one of the ones I will watch outside of the Halloween season. Even the first few sequels of the Wrong Turn weren’t too bad (in my opinion). In saying that though this film has its fair share of cheesy acting.

Where this film does itself favours is my the tension and the eerie atmosphere. It was on point. I also feel the pace of this film is excellent, it is a short film running at about 84 minutes, personally, I think this is an ideal length for a film like this. The pacing was the movie was great and before you know it you have smack into the action, which is the way a horror film should be.

Now acting wise we are looking to our star Eliza Dushku, whom I have admired for years due to her amazing role In Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996-2003) and of course her very funny role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike back in 1999. And as if that wasn’t enough, she even shows her teen movie acting chops in the 2000 cheerleader hit “Bring It On” (2000). With Eliza leading this cast of upcoming actors (at the time) this film was sure to be a firestorm at the box office. It pretty much was that.

Even with Dushku in the lead seat of the film, the film itself I feel would have stood on its own two feet anyway, just based off of the tension and suspense alone. It is a film that even after numerous watches still gets to me. I think it is because, even though I don’t mind gore, the gore is a trigger for me. I am not good with a lot of blood. This is a very odd thing to say seeing as I am the world’s biggest Slasher film fan. But if you are into the gore fests of horror then this film will be a treat for you, although in no way the goriest film I have seen it totally brings the gore factor when it needs to.

In great slasher fashion, the kills in this film are awesome! There is one in particular that even still after all this time gets to me because of how nail-bitingly just wow it is.

It is easy to see how much love I have for this film, it is a true gem and sadly pretty underrated. I think it is because so many people assume that it will be a rip off of The Hills Have Eyes it puts people off.

Funny I mention The hills have Eyes as it got its own remake in 2006 and was released by 20th century Fox just as the Wrong turn was. So there you have it, folks. Another film to add to the growing list of films to watch and enjoy this Halloween!

| Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 2003 | 15 | Dir.Rob Schmidt | Desmond Harrington, Eliza Dushku, Lindy Booth, Jeremy Sisto

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