31 Days Of Horror (Day 19) – The Legend Of Hell House (1973)


Every year when it comes to the Halloween season I always try and watch a few never before seen (by me) films, this usually includes older films from the 70’s and 60’s. I found The Legend Of Hell House  and instantly it now has become on of my must watched films of the season.

The Legend Of Hell House, A  man and his wife (Clive Revill and Gayle Hunnicutt) enter a supposed haunted house with paranormal mediums (legendary Roddy McDowell and Pamela Franklin), hoping to get to the bottom of these supposed hauntings, but unawares to them the presence in the house does not want to be disturbed.

As I say I love watching older horror films at Halloween time, one sub-genre that is always a key is the Haunted House genre. I find that this is because that is one of the scariest things for me is to stay in a house that is haunted. I could not imagine how scary that would be and that is likely my reason for loving this genre so much.

I also think that the 70’s was a pretty outrageous time for horror, what with Wes Cravens shockingly explicit The Last House on the Left in 1972 and then the iconic films The Exorcist (1973) and Jaws in 1975. The 70’s was just a powerful time for horror.

This film was one of those rare films that are kind fo slow but it works in the films favour. You are constantly waiting and wondering about what will happen and when things will happen. That is the beauty of haunted house films they are just so creepy no matter what.

Seeing how this film played out made me wish films today were made like this, there was just a lot of passion and love went into this and you can tell that even though there had been many films like it before it still manages to grip you from start to finish.

The Legend of Hell House is a remarkable and intense ride that you must go on this Halloweens season. I sadly feel though that saying too much about this film would ruin it so all I am really going to say is check this one out this Halloween season. It is a film I think you will want to watch every year!

| Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 1973 | Dir.John Hough | Roddie McDowell, Clive Revill, Pamela Franklin, Gayle Hunnicutt

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