31 Days Of Horror (Day 15) -Deadly Friend (1986)

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Deadly Friend is a 1986 Wes Craven horror film from Warner Bros. Released at a point in horror where everything was about the Slasher film, even the film’s director Wes Craven was in on the action with his 1984 smash hit A Nightmare on Elm Street. This, however, was a sci-fi horror film starring Kristy Swanson (Flowers in the attic, Buffy The Vampire Slayer). About a teenage boy who brings his friend Sam back fro the dead, putting a robots brain into her head, this causes a lot of bloodshed when she then seeks revenge on the people that did her and her creator wrong.

This film is, to me, a smash hit for Wes Craven, it is a film, I found, is very underrated especially when people talk about Wes Cravens film. Most people jump to either Scream or A nightmare On elm street, which is to be expected as the house were his most popular films.

Even though Deadly Friend has not had a proper release in the UK after its VHS release in the 90’s the film still remains a favourite of Wes Cravens by fans all over the world. The film is part of a Region Free DVD 4 pack from Warner Home Entertainment, which I suggest people pick up if you want to see this film.

I have always been a Wes Craven fan and had seen this film a few times, it was a very unusual film, I thought, for Craven to do – considering at this point I had only really seen his “bigger Films” but this was such a treat to me and I loved every second of it. I thought it was a really good film to follow the success of Nightmare, as it was such a different vibe and sub-genre from the previous film. I think that would in time have helped the film gain more fans as the film is a completely different ball game from Craven’s previous work at the time.

But why should you add this to your Halloween list? welIt is a film that goes unaged, in fact, the technology in the film is very futuristic which is awesome. Its is a film I feel my pet will enjoy, and apart from two scene in particular which are pretty gory this film is one thaI even feel none horror fans would enjoy and dare I even say, it might even help get more people into horror.

I wanted this part of my 31 days of horror series because I feel that it is a very underrated and some hat unknown film considering that at the time Kristy Swanson was somewhat of a star, or would after this film. And considering that it was a Wes Craven film I am pretty shocked that it has yet to earn a UK DVD release.

Overall this is a remarkable piece of horror and really has something different from the films withing the horror genre at the time.I say go check Deadly Friend out and go make a night of it. It is a fantastic watch and you will have so much fun with it!

| Ross Wilcock

Sci-fi, Horror | USA, 1986 |Dir. Wes Craven | Kirsty Swanson, Matthew Labyorteaux, Michael Sharrett

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