31 Days Of Horror (Day 17) – In Fear (2013)

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In fear is a 2013 British independent horror film. Is follows a young couple travelling to a music festival through the Irish countryside. Little do they know that they are being stalked by something or someone that will not stop until one or both of them is dead.

In Fear was such a wonderful shockingly good horror film. I remember going into it in November 2013 in the Cinema in The city and thinking and hoping that they film would be good. And I am so excited to say that the film was so much better than god. It was amazing.

I love horror as you may all know by now. This film expects the reason why I love horror films and more so why I love indie horror. This was such a wonderful and eerie film that has you hooked from start to finish.

Not much of a story, but that is fine the story is solid enough for this kind of a film.

It follows a cat and mouse game sort of style which is actually one of my favourite types of horror films.

I think where this film goes so right is by making it so realistic. I love slasher films don’t get me wrong but sometimes they can be rather unrealistic but with this film, ic pull see this a truly happening.

That was the scariest part for me was watching this play put and thinking how easy it would be for this to happen to someone. I think that is what got a lot of people with this film.

It is a powerful and eerie, tension-filled film which I can not recommend enough to everyone.

Gripping, amazing and so creepy this is a MUST watch from em.

| Ross Wilcock

Thriller, Horror | UK, 2013 | Dir.Jeremy Lovering | Alice Englert, Ian de Caestecker, Allen leech

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