15 July 2024

Niamh Algar on why Censor is a hit horror

When Niamh Algar previously spoke to The People’s Movies, Calm With Horses was about to arrive in cinemas – and, although nobody knew it at the time, the first lockdown was just around the corner. A lot’s happened since then. For the Irish actor, it’s included starring roles in TV’s Raised By Wolves and Deceit (currently on Channel 4) and her latest film, Censor, has been winning plaudits wherever it’s shown.

Originally shown at this year’s Sundance, the film arrives in UK cinemas this week, with Algar playing the censor of the title, working for the 1980s equivalent of the BBFC during the panic surrounding what were christened “video nasties”. Under pressure to make cuts at the very least, or ban them completely, she becomes obsessed by one particular director, whose gruesome films resurrect memories of her sister, who is missing, presumed dead. She’s convinced that the regular actress in his work is actually her long-lost sister, but have the dividing lines between her work and reality become so blurred that she can’t tell the difference?

In her return chat with us, self-confessed horror fan Algar talks about the attraction of the role and the film as a whole, which was essentially inspired by director Prano Bailey-Bond. At the time the interview took place, Algar was looking forward to seeing Censor on the big screen at Sundance London. This would be her first time watching it with an audience, which for her is essential as “it’s such an immersive experience” and she credits the film’s originality as one of the reasons why it’s been such a hit with critics and audiences alike.

She also describes working on her next film Wrath Of Man (date to be confirmed), which she filmed immediately after Censor. She had “a lot of fun” working with Jason Statham and recalls the speed at which director Guy Ritchie works. “He keeps you on your toes,” she said. “And I learned so much from him.”

Censor is released in cinemas on 20th August. | Read our review of the film.

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