14 June 2024

Watch UK Trailer For Supernatural Thriller The Darker The Lake

101 Films have debuted the UK Trailer for supernatural thriller The Darker The Lake, out later this month.

The film is directed by  Lok Kwan Woo (White Terror, Angels Never Cry), described as Supernatural thriller with Nordic Noir edge. The film is set in a small peaceful town witnesses a spate of strange murders that maybe connected to events that happened 30 years previously. Thanks to a deadly game with an urban myth that could reveal secrets too close to home.

1987, St. Michael, a group of high school friends discover an ancient board game and start to play. They become consumed by their addictive new pastime. But things turn deadly…  the players start to meet a disturbing demise and the survivors vow never to speak of the game again.

Fast forward to 2021 and a spate of strange deaths – in the very same small town – have shaken locals to their core… bearing striking similarities to the events of more than 30 years ago, could the devastating events be linked?

Two detectives – with their own personal links to the area –  are brought together to work on the case. When they track down those involved in the original mystery, all those years ago, things start to get complicated… With seemingly mystical forces at play, they are pulled into the dangerous and perplexing world of the game and as the stakes are raised, the danger gets perilously close to home.

With a roll of the dice will the detectives win, or will they pay the ultimate price in The Darker The Lake?

Starring Veronica Ferres, Gina Stiebitz, Elyse Levesque, and Vladimir Burlakov. The Darker The Lake will be released on Digital Platforms in the UK and Ireland from 21st March.

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