22 June 2024

"Trainspotting Sequel Will Happen" Says Danny Boyle

The 1996 Danny Boyle acclaimed movie Trainspotting was an iconic movie for the young generation of the time combining the music culture with drug culture and more the heroin problem that blighted Edinburgh so heavily in the 1980’s. The book was a masterpiece and the film made sure of that and for years students would have che Guevarra posters in their house but after the release of this movie there was always Trainspotting posters as well.

Speaking to Cinematical Danny Boyle  said a sequel will happen but only at the right time:

“It will happen, I think.  I mean, we’ll approach them all again about it, but it will depend on what place they’re all at. We have a very strong idea that it would be a wonderful thing to reapproach, to do again, when they have aged clearly into a mid-life kind of crisis, basically. They’re not quite there yet, I don’t think.”

Its great to Here Boyle mentioning that a sequel is a possibility but he’s not confirming it will happen though but its a positive step in the right direction that the idea is still with them and hopefully the original cast will return as well.

Trainspotting was written by Irvine Welsh and even when movie one was released the Books sequel Porno had already been written and that also so theres been talk for years that a sequel may happen. What possibly be a reason is that Porno is set many years after Trainspotting  so the wait maybe to make sure all the actors such as Ewan Magregor, Kelly MacDonald,Kevin McKidd, Jonny Lee Miller can play those characters from the original movie who’ll be in Porno at the age they’ll be in the new  movie.I wonder if Robert Carlye will appear in it as it would go against his principles of not appearing in sequels though he gave that up when he appeared in 28 weeks later!

This is an imaginative thing to look at these guys, who you kind of fell in love with and a whole generation fell in love with in a certain kind of way, and then you see them again and they’ve aged, just like we all do.  And then it becomes about that, and I think that would be really nice.”

Boyle as well as Ewan MaGregor have pointed out they believe the source material for Porno isnt as strong as Trainspotting :

“He’s right of course that the book, Porno, is not a great book in the way that Trainspotting, the original novel, is genuinely a masterpiece, I think, as a piece of writing. But we have been doing some work on it, and it’s got potential, yeah, for sure. And when the moment’s right, I think we will approach it.”

So where you a fan of Trainspotting? Do you think there should be a sequel and Danny Boyle should make it? Let us know of your views by posting them in the comments box.

source Totalfilm

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