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First Look images from the shoot of new Alan McGee

Burning Wheel Productions are excited to share the first official images from the new Alan McGee biopic CREATION STORIES, written by Irvine Welsh and exec produced by Danny Boyle. The team behind CREATION STORIES are also thrilled to announce new additions to the cast, including British acting royalty Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter Film Series), comedian […]Read More

T2: Trainspotting Featurette Finds Out What Sick Boy Has Been

Can you still Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life‘ playing in your head or are you still ‘Born Slippy‘ with Underworld? 20 years after Danny Boyle‘s cult Trainspotting, we finally get the sequel T2: Trainspotting as the boys reunite for one more slice of the chaotic pie. Once again Renton chooses life back to his hometown […]Read More

New Images Launched For T2: Trainspotting

In just over 3 weeks we will return to ‘Auld Reekie’ Edinburgh as we return to Irvine Welsh’s drug-fuelled chaos of Trainspotting, with T2: Trainspotting. All the gang are back, Danny Boyle is once again behind the camera but what trouble lies ahead for the boys this time 20 years on? Later this month we’ll […]Read More

Spud Tries A New Addiction In T2: Trainspotting Featurette

5 weeks time the long wait for Trainspotting sequel T2: Trainspotting will be over and judge, jury and possibly executioner will be in force. The big question will be ‘was it worth the wait?’ After Renton’s Featurette, Sony Pictures have sent us another promo this time for Spud (Ewan Bremner). Not much has changed apart […]Read More

Renton Chooses Life In New T2:Trainspotting 2 Featurette

It’s nearly time to ‘choose life’ once again, as the long awaited Trainspotting sequel T2: Trainspotting ready to choose cinemas next month. Ahead of its release Sony Pictures UK have sent us a new featurette called ‘Renton‘, Ewan McGregor‘s character, the pivotal character from the original movie. As you’ll see from the video it introduces […]Read More

T2 Trainspotting Full Trailer The Gang Are Back Together

20 years ago we chose life when Danny Boyle‘s seminal cult movie Trainspotting was released in 1996. It gave life, not just to the cast but also the director, but now the  gang is back for T2 Trainspotting. This time choose life, choose Facebook, Choose Twitter,Choose Instagram, Choose Zero Hour Contract, choose watching the full […]Read More

Spring Breakers Sequel Announced

Whilst James Franco posts yet another ill-advised selfie on Instagram, production house Wild Bunch have just announced that they will launch Spring Breakers: The Second Coming at Cannes Film Festival later this year. “It’s not a direct sequel although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original,”  says Wild Bunch co-chief Vincent Maraval. So no […]Read More

Filth Review

Jon S. Baird’s cinematic adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Filth may not be as controversial as the hype would suggest, but it is certainly a stylish and electrifying watch packed with a darkly comic edge. Bigoted, drug-loving, and sex addicted Edinburgh policeman Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) sets out to undercut his colleagues in order to gain a promotion […]Read More

James McAvoy Is Rding The Whiskey Bottle In New Filth

He rode a pig in the first poster but for the latest 2 poster’s for Irvine Welsh’s Filth  James McAvoy is a cop who loves to pigs, now cash and whiskey the favourite  ‘poisons of DI Bruce Roberston. If you’ve read the book or simply watched the trailers and clips you know Filth is no […]Read More

No Cocaine Or Fish Suppers For James McAvoy In New

Oh James McAvoy you are a filth boy and in the new UK trailer for Filth he provides 2 minutes of debauchery, photocopy fun and cheese graters providing the best indication in what we can expect from this adaptation. Based on Irvine Welsh’s equally Filthy book Filth, about Bruce Roberston (McAvoy), a foul mouthed drug taking […]Read More

James McAvoy Goes Pig Riding In New Irvine Welsh Filth

It’s been a long long time since we’ve seen an great film adaptation of a Irvine Welsh but this September things maybe about to change with the release of Filth.This afternoon in a new UK poster for the film we see a different side to the films leading actor James McAvoy….riding a pig! McAvoy stars […]Read More

James McAvoy Get’s Dirty Once Again In 2nd Filth Red

The past few years writing a cult classic novel and seeing it become a film it’s proven challenging for Irvine Welsh,the last attempt  Ecstasy was nothing but dreadful, but now we have Filth. Back in April we gave you the first look James McAvoy been ‘dirty’  in UK Trailer now we have a second red […]Read More