24 July 2024

Dr Connors Reveals More ‘Video Diaries’ In New THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN Virals

Last week we revealed 2 ‘video diaries’ for Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans)for THE NEW AMAZING SPIDERMAN Film. In the videos the Doc updated us on his experiments how they were progressing on Reptile DNA slicing with the second video he tell us there was a breakthrough . The Doc went to say “Hypothetically” what would happen if Human DNA was introduced and today we have 2 more new viral videos that suggest Dr.Connors has jumped right into the human experimentation!

We do know what fate lies ahead for the Doctor as in less in 5 weeks all that will be revealed when the film arrives which might make you think the videos are a little superfluous, maybe but they certainly build the anticipation for the film! Not spoilerish good old fun! The Amazing Spiderman will arrive in UK&Ireland now on July 3rd, the film also stars Andrew Garfield, Emma StoneSally Fields, Martin Sheen,Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan.

source: Comingsoon.net (via Totalfilm)

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