New THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN Video Virals Of Dr.Connors ‘Video Diaries’

With many films adopting the ‘Video Blog Diary’ that (Sir) Peter Jackson made popular with The Hobbit Production Diaries,why not take it one step further and create them as viral video diaries? Well Sony Pictures has with THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN creating these 2 short virals which feature Dr Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans).

The videos show Connors updating his progress on his experiments, especially with reptile DNA with the first video him telling us very little or no change in the animals but video 2 suggests there is a break through. Our eyes are not trained to notice as Connors tell us but looking at the excitement of Connors we may not have to wait too long until the Human experiments start!To keep those juices and Spidey senses flowing a number of viral images have been unleashed too. A letter from Peter Parker’s parents, an Daily Bugle article and hand written notes about spiders, Peter Parker’s study notes?

All is looking good for The Amazing Spiderman making sure this will be another film on our ‘things to see this summer list’. The Amazing Spiderman will arrive in UK&Ireland now on July 3rd, the film also stars Andrew Garfield, Emma StoneSally Fields, Martin Sheen,Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan.


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