14 July 2024

Check Out These TRANSFORMERS Infographics!

Been a kid of the 1980’s brings back memories of the toys you had to have when you were a boy of the decade first up it was star wars toys they wehre the ultimate toy, we also had your American wrestling figures alaHulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior then we had Transformers! Its time to get the violins out I never had a proper Transformer as in the day compared to income now they were really expensive (weep!) but I did have the cheaper version and when your really young you dont care and it ended up along with my millenium Falcon the transformers were my all time toys!

SLASHFILM have been given 2 new infographics from the original series shown 1984 until 1987, and its one graphic for the Autobots and another for the Decepticons, showing the Bots how they first were created. Two great graphics especially for those old school fans!
Original Transformers Decepticons
Feature by Car Insurance Blog
Original Transformers Autobots
Research and Design by: CarInsurance.org

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