18 June 2024

Watch The Official Full Trailer For Kevin Smith's RED STATE

Religion is a sensitive topic making a comment be it a innocent one can land you in hot water, some places  even more, so treading carefully is a must however at times its healthy to have a dig at those who preach fundamentalism  deserve criticism. Kevin Smith’s RED STATE is one of those movies that pokes at American religious fundamentalism and how naive it is gets my approval, always respect religion even if you dont agree with some of its practices wars have started because of disagreements in religious practice.

Steven the American student I was with at University in Manchester expelled from university trying to brainwash myself  blaming Catholicism for my troubles I found out is now blacklisted and can’t enter the UK or Ireland, fortunately for him also he never tried his luck in Scotland as he would have landed a 2 year jail sentence for religious sectarianism.

The movie stars  Michael ParksMichael AngaranoKyle Gallner, John Goodman, Melissa Leo Kevin PollakAnna GunnStephen Root a horror with a religious theme, one that uses the enticements of free booze and sex to enslave young people into the church ran by the fundamentalist preacher Abin Cooper and when this too good to be true offfer of free sex traps 3 high school boys all hell breaks loose when they cross reverend Coopers path.

I actually do like this and even in the USA in state where Smith could stir up some hatred he actually has gained some positive reviews. Since the last trailer there is some good news on the release front for the British/Irish release as it looks like the movie will be released September 30th (believed to be Lionsgate) but thats still a bit away so things can change again, if your going to The Big Screen in London on August 12th there will be a preview screening! As for USA the movie is out October 19th though the movie is still touring in some states.

If your at work I dont recommend watching this due to language, too many naughty words!

source Moviebox

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