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Whats out in cinemas in December?

We are now a fair few days into December, but no new releases for the last films of the decade until today. So welcome to your lovely detailed look at films released this month. We have an Oscar contender, some obvious kid-friendly films (none targeted towards the season though). An ending to a trilogy and […]Read More

Film Review – The Party’s Just Beginning (2018)

Since launching herself on the small screen in Doctor Who, Karen Gillan has become something of a chameleon on the big one. Most familiar as the embittered Nebula in Guardians Of The Galaxy and the final instalments of Marvel’s Avengers saga, she reprises her role in yet another successful franchise, Jumanji, in just a couple […]Read More

Spies In Disguise ‘Secret’ Trailer Let’s The Beat Drop

The dust now seems to be settling at House of Mouse and Blue Sky Studios Spies In Disguise, has a release date. Will Smith might have had problems with his younger self in Gemini Man. Now he’s ‘animated’ once again as he’s a Spy turned into a pigeon! Smith plays the world’s greatest spy Lance […]Read More

Third Trailer For Spies In Disguise…Catch That Pigeon!

‘Pigeon:Impossible’, catch that pigeon and watch the third UK Trailer for Spies In Disguise. From the genie in Disney’s Aladdin, Will Smith return’s as a pigeon! Disney Owned Blue Sky Studio’s animated adventure has super spy Lance Sterling (Smith). He has to work with Scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) polar opposite. When Walter invents a […]Read More

Spies In Disguise New Trailer Will Smith Is A Pigeon!

R Kelly wish he could fly, Will Smith went one better turns himself into a Pigeon Spy! 20th Century Fox has released the second UK Trailer for Spies In Disguise. Their upcoming animated feature that sees Smith as a super spy who finds himself having to team up with the the scientist who makes his […]Read More