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Pinball Wizards Rock Once Again With Tommy Watch Trailer

Ken Russell’s cinematic take on The Who’s ground-breaking 1969 concept album, which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, is a feverish feast of unrestrained imagination. Tommy, the spectacular rock opera that was a box office smash in 1975, returns to the big screen on 22 November 2019, released in selected cinemas UK-wide by the BFI […]Read More

Film Review – Rocketman (2019)

Frequently inventive, often hilarious and shamelessly feel-good, this Elton John biopic from actor turned director Dexter Fletcher is a deeply satisfying tale of triumph over tragedy, held together by a knockout performance from Taron Egerton as one of modern music’s most iconic figures. Arriving in the wake of a number of other high profile films, […]Read More

The Winners of the Rocketman Challenge on TikTok

To celebrate the release of the incredible Elton John biopic ROCKETMAN, in UK cinemas today, TikTok users have been challenged to channel their own inner rock star. Using the hashtag #RocketmanChallenge, users did their best to show their most creative performances of the iconic song Rocketman. The challenge was introduced by its star Taron Egerton […]Read More

Film Review – Rocketman (2019)

You know, like Phoebe in Friends, we too thought Tiny Dancer was a song about Tony Danza. We kid, of course, but it segues into talking about legendary pop star Sir Elton John as he is is the latest in the long line of performers to have their lives brought to the big-screen and be […]Read More

New Rocketman Clip Elton John Is Going To The Troubadour

In just nine days time we will be warped into that fantasy world of Elton John’s life story Rocketman. After so many conventional biopics from the world of film, TV and Music, this one promises to an uncensored ‘human story’. A pipe dream musical that sees the young Reginald Dwight take his first steps into […]Read More

Taron Egerton Is In The Stars With New Rocketman Trailer

This weekend all talk in film will be on The Oscars, will Rami Malek or Bohemian Rhapsody win? Malek’s Freddie Mercury looks a certainty, Dexter Fletcher‘s  next musical biopic Rocketman has a new UK Trailer. Taron Egerton is a young Elton John and in the new second Promo, he’s in the stars. Don’t expect your […]Read More

Rocketman Featurette Taron Egerton’s Elton John ‘Will Sing’

When one Dexter Fletcher musical biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is picking up awards (including BAFTAs) focus is slowly moving towards his next one…Rocketman. Both are going to be completely different musical ‘beasts’, one critically panned but loved by the fans, the other ‘Based On A True Fantasy‘. Rocketman we’ve been told will be based on Elton […]Read More

Rocketman First Trailer Will Be Flamboyant And One Crazy Ride

If you know Elton John, you’ll know a film based on his life won’t be a dull affair. Next Summer, Rocketman is gonna be one crazy flamboyant ride and today Paramount Pictures has released a slice of that ride…The first Teaser Trailer! “Where there was darkness, there is now you – and it’s going to […]Read More

Taron Egerton Is The Rocketman In Elton John Biopic

If you’re looking forward to the Freddy Mercury/Queen Biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, you’ll want to jump onboard for Rocketman. The film has been described as the  ‘uncensored human story’ of Sir Elton John‘s breakthrough years. Paramount Pictures has released the first look image of Taron Egerton unrecognizable in costume. Fans of Elton John music will recognize […]Read More

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Clip For The Lion King 3D!

After a successful return (and still going strong in some cinemas)to the cinemas in UK&Ireland  the Disney classic animation  The Lion King 3D will be yours to own this Monday November 7th on Disney DVD and Disney Blu Ray formats. To many The Lion King is simply the best animated feature  Disney have released in a very […]Read More