18 June 2024

Sony Throw A Sausage Party , First Image Revealed

sausage party

The question has been asked of Disney recently “would they produce a ‘R-Rated’ film?”, they don’t have a sausage about what to do but Sony do, they even have a Sausage Party! Aptly named title for Sony’s R-Rated animation which promises to have a fun poke Disney/Pixar we get a first look at a image from the film.

When strange films about those meaty goodness you have with your fry-up  (vegetarian options welcomed) you might scratch your head in bewilderment. But when you look at the cast lining up to voice the sausages and other foody characters  you’ll know this might be a little surreal but a fun film. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg have written and produced this, they both have a lot of friends and could this be animated version of This Is The End?

What we know of Sausage Party it will be about quest to discover the truth about his existence. An existential comedy of a sausage who falls out the shopping trolley and embarks on a journey to get back to Aisle 4 before the 4th July sales.

Here in the UK the sausage is completely different from Stateside who seem to lean more towards the hotdog sausage hence the 4th July part. Is this the day they sell more sausages in USA? Here in Blighty that sausage be in your weekend fry or a couple of pork or beef bangers in a sandwich, now wouldn’t that be fun if they had the Scottish Aberdeen Lorne square sausage? The film is a last minute addition to SXSW which is a little unusual as it will be work in progress cut rather than complete version. The film would fall under the mainstream release rather than the more independent releases that the festival will showcase. It’s certainly a sign that Hollywood is recognising the power of the festival like they are now doing with Sundance too!

Sausage Party doesn’t have an exact official UK release date apart from saying it will be out Summer 2016. USA is 12th August so expect the same or a few weeks either side of that date for UK. The film stars the voices of Seth Rogen,Kristen Wiig,Jonah Hill,Michael Cera,Edward Norton,Salma Hayek,James Franco,Paul Rudd,Bill Hader,David Krumholtz,Craig Robinson,Anders Holm.

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