18 July 2024

Shazam! Director David F. Sandberg Release Creepy New Short…Shadowed

Coronavirus is dominating our lives these days. We’re all in lock down some of us self-isolating. Shazam! director has the perfect little short film for you, Shadowed.

David F.Sandberg started his feature debut with the horror, Lights out. So it’s no surprise he’s went back to his genre roots with this three minute creepy short.

Lights Out was one of those underrated horror, no surprise he’s went back to horror genre . Sandberg describing the short as “Sort of a companion piece to our short Lights Out. Watch loud in the dark.”

The film plays on the fear and tensions of self-isolation. The woman in the film just happens to Sandberg’s own wife, who also Lotta Lotsen. She also starred in the 2013 short film that inspired Lights Out.

In Shadowed we follow a woman who discovers creatures who are haunting her through the shadows. She can also physically interact with these shadow monsters. When things begin to escalate, she realizes that her life could be in danger.

What perfect way to spend lockdown by make this brilliant little film! Sandberg is also set to film Shazam! 2.

source: Youtube

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