23 July 2024

Matt Reeves Taking Us All On A Journey To The Twlight Zone?

Its amazing what a film can do to your standings especially if the film you just directed is a  successful arthouse film called Let The Right One In changed to Let Me in, that film director is Matt Reeves. Once the box office hits go through the roof the world is your oyster and you’ll find yourself connected to every film project in the universe up against some of the already established like Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Alfonso Cuaron, Rupert Wyatt and David Yates who made up the so called shortlist for Twilight Zone film.

In times where money is tight sometimes those big names might be perfect for the film but not the budget and it looks like Warner Bros have n’t jumped in for any tom dick or harry  so it was no surprise they chose Matt Reeves a name not on the list! According to Deadline a deal to sign the Cloverfield director will be done and dusted sometime next week, a film which will be based on a script by Jason Rothenberg and Rand Ravich which will have one storyline compared to the 1983 version which had several parts directed by Steven Spielberg, John Landis, Joe Dante and George Miller. Leonardo Di Caprio’s Appian Way will produce the film based on Rod Sterling’s cult tv series  with the new version been described as ‘one big science ficton action movie’ adapting several themes from the original tv series.

If all the rumours are true about the projects Matt Reeves has been connected to he will certainly be one of the busiest film makers in Hollywood. The last twelve months he has been connected to many projects including The Passage , The Dark Endeavour, 8 O’Clock In The Morning the sci-fi Ray Nelson Short Story that inspired They Live, Frankenstein and Invisible Woman.

Filming will start for this film Summer 2012 for a targeted 2013 release date.


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