18 July 2024

Competition Round- Up: 12th February 2018

We’re going to try to re-introduce our Competition Round-Up post, we used to run weekly in the early days. What the round-up simply rounds up the competitions that have ended, ones nearing the end and any new ones.

Since the early days, we have run a lot of comps and this post gave us a chance update on winners, any changes, and links to ending and new comps. It’s a chance to address any problems, changes to comps, be it rules or prizes. The one other big change you may notice is the day we post this. If everything goes well we hope to post on Mondays instead of Sundays. The simple reason is our comps now end on Mondays 2359 hours.

So if your entering the comps or waiting to find out if you are a winner, good luck

Comps Ended

Over the weekend the following comps winners were chosen and details of the winners have been passed to PRs or studios supplying the prizes…

IT: 2 winners from Thame and Brearley.
New World: 3 winners from Norfolk, Wimbledon, and Orpington
Private Lives Of Sherlock Holmes: London, Bridgend, London
Mother!: Isle Of Man, Barnstone, Leicester
I AM Heather Ledger: Maidstone
Victoria& Abdul: Manchester, Carlisle, Redditch
Mountain: Yeovil, Tooting, Broadstairs

Usually, we will try contact you with the good news via email, sometimes we can’t. Other times the Pr responsible for the prizes may contact you.

Comps Ending (12th February 2018)

The following comps will be ending tonight at 2359hours (aka 1 minute to midnight), so last chance to enter –

God’s Own Country:https://thepeoplesmovies.com/2018/01/win-critically-acclaimed-gods-country-dvd/
Wolf Warrior 2:https://thepeoplesmovies.com/2018/01/win-cine-asia-dvd-bundle-wolf-warrior-ii/
Shanghai Job:https://thepeoplesmovies.com/2018/01/win-shanghai-job-starring-orlando-bloom-dvd/

Still Time To Enter

These comps have anything up to one week left for you to enter…

Your Move:https://thepeoplesmovies.com/2018/02/win-move-dvd-starring-luke-goss/

New/Just About to Launch:

Monday is our main day to launch new comps, but we sometimes launch the comps at The Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)…

About to launch today (12th February 2018)/Next 24 hours – Thor Ragnarok, House (Masters Of Cinema), Brotherhood of Blades
Just Launched:
The Mountain Between Us:https://thepeoplesmovies.com/2018/02/win-copy-mountain-us-blu-ray-perfect-date-night-movie-valentines/
Lego Ninjago:https://thepeoplesmovies.com/2018/02/win-lego-ninjago-movie-dvd/
The Deuce:https://thepeoplesmovies.com/2018/02/win-the-deuce-the-complete-season-one-on-blu-ray/

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