29 May 2024

Channing Tatum to Star in The 'Next Avatar' billed movie ION

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Thanks to James Cameron’s Avatar science fiction has become a big thing in hollywood and anyone and everyone has jumped onto the Avatar bandwagon either the movie used the camera used in the movie, or using it to promote the 3D movie crapness like Clash of The titans or Alice in Wonderland, its a big buzz word (i’m sure even Mr Cameron is etting a little pissed off as well).

The latest movie to jump on the bandwagon, even going as far as saying it’s ‘The Next Avatar’ is ION based on a script by writer Will Dunn with Fox 2000 getting the rights to the movie. According to Heat Vision the project also has some heavyweight backing from none other than the Scott Brother’s Ridley & Tony who’ll be producing under the Scott Free label with Channing Tatum playing in the lead role. The first question I asked why Tatum? these day majority of his movies come under romance genre like Dear John but ION is a ‘Romantic Sci-Fi’! Even with that he’s not an actor that’ll make me go to the cinema though I do like my science fiction flicks, but what is keeping me interested in this project is the details we have on the plot.

“Tatum will play a man who travels to different Earths and alternate dimensions — all in a quest to find his reincarnated lover.”

You can see right away why the movie is been connected with Avatar (different worlds, a lover from another world who is reincarnated though in Avatar Sam worthington was in a host body). The script was shopped around last year but the sucess of Avatar helped it get a buyer  and the resurgance of traditional science fiction does help but ION is helped obiviously more with the Scott Brothers involvement. Even if there is similarities with ION & Avatar hopefully it can help the project develop into something entirely original.

It’s great to see all these science fiction movies making a comeback, even the odd western (personally im not a fan of the genre) movie been made, ill take a space story over a already packed superhero movie world. Yeah there is lots of sci-fi remakes coming our way like Logan’s Run, Escape FromNew York but we do Inception , All You Need Is Kill and if Nolan’s Inception does the trick next month I’m sure it’ll open a floodgate and we’ll move onto another genre to flood.

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