14 July 2024

Cannonball Run The next movie for a Remake? With Guy Ritchie Directing?!

So when is going too far too far? Movieland seems to be going into mega overdrive by cresating virtually every comicbook movie on the planet bar the beano and if its not a comicbook movie it seems to be a reboot/remake. The latest movie to get the possible green light to be remade is Cannonball Run the 1981 slapstick cheesy comedy which starred Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Dom Delouise, even screen legends Dean Martin (& rosary Bleeds- watch the outtakes) and Sammy Davis Jnr.

There’s no shock in the news that another movie is under the remake spotlight but what is surprising is who is been rumoured to be directing the flick and according to Badass Digest its Guy Ritchie! Burt Reynolds played JJ McClure in the movie and if this rumour becomes confirmed they also say Ritchie wants George Clooney to play JJ McClure.

It would be very interesting to see Ritchies premise on the illegal cross country car race and more I look at it you can see the director directing something like this but with Clooney as the lead Im a bit unsure. Clooney could do the part easily as he proved in Men Who Stare At Goats he can play the eccentric characters but would Ritchie create a straight up maniac cheesy camp comedy or would he go for the Ocean’s Elevenblack comedy smart style which would work to his own taste pallete.

The question we must ask do we really need another remake and the return of Captain Chaos? The movie remakes at the moment are getting a little bit crazy at the moment I think its time for the movie studios to take time out and start looking at creating original stories, some remakes are welcome but its getting one too many now, leave your comments below.

source Badass Digest

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