Original Ghost In The Shell Anime To Return To UK Cinema

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After the recent success of Akira, Manga UK has announced they are set to bring back another classic Anime to UK cinemas…Ghost In The Shell!

The one night only screenings will take place on the 25th January 2017, and will play in cinemas across the UK, 21 years after its initial UK release.Hollywood  is set to release an adapted big screen live action version next March starring Scarlett Johansson.what better time to remind us why we loved Mamoru Oshii‘s Cyberpunk masterpiece but most of all a chance to see the movie where it should be seen , on the cinema screen

Ghost In The Shell takes us to the year 2029, the world is made borderless by the net; augmented humans who live in virtual environments. Watched over by law enforcement agents that are able to download themselves into super-powered, crime-busting mecha. The ultimate secret agent of the future is not human, has no physical body and can travel freely through the information highways of the world. Hacking and manipulating whatever, whomever and whenever required…

Andrew Hewson Manga UK’s Marketing Manager commented – “Profound and beautifully animated, Ghost In The Shell redefined the anime genre by exploring complex ideas regarding AI and what it means to be human – these themes are just as important now as they were 20 years ago. Absolutely timeless and digitally remastered, this film deserves to be seen on the big screen!

We’re really excited this fantastic movie is getting a chance to shine on our big screens once again, I was a fan of Anime when Ghost In The Shell originally came out. However nearest cinema screening it was too far away, I won’t miss it this time!

Anime fans set your diaries for Wednesday 25th January 2017. For the full list of participating screens – find showtimes and book tickets here!