14 July 2024
John Travolta coming off a private jet plane in Cash Out


Watch UK Trailer For Cash Out Starring John Travolta

Every heist has it’s price and in July, 101 Films will release crime thriller for Cash Out. Today we get a glimpse at the  UK Trailer and boy, how the mighty have fallen, Mr John Travolta.

Let’s be honest, very rarely those actors who enjoyed highlife of Hollywood stay there until the last days. They may still act, but the quality of the films will differ and it’s been a long time since Mr Saturday Night Fever starred in a critically acclaimed film. The bills have to be paid and choices get thinner and they need to please the tax man.

In Cash Out, Travolta is a one time big criminal pulled out of retirement for one last job. When his younger brother takes a heist job that’s a way out of his depth.

Prepare for fast cars and high-octane action thrills as the dynamic duo play a pair of wily con artists who are forced out of retirement after a crime goes awry in Randall Emmett’s (Savage Salvation), slick and highly entertaining thriller.

Criminal mastermind Mason (Travolta) is about to execute the ultimate once in a lifetime job… but suffers a major blow when the hit goes horribly wrong and he discovers the devasting truth about his lover and partner in crime Decker (Davis).

Devasted by the events, he leaves town and retires from his life of crime…. But when younger brother Shawn (Lukas Haas), decides to take on a major big bank job alone, he finds himself way out of his league and calls on the one person he knows can save him… big brother Mason, who has no choice but to come to the rescue.

With Interpol hot on their heels and before the SWAT team storm the bank, Mason must use every tool in his arsenal to escape with the prize and win back the love of his life. Can the shrewd crime boss outwit the authorities and Cash Out?

With non-stop action, car chases and laughs galore, Cash Out will definitely pay off.

The rest of the cast for Cash Out includes Kristin Davis, Quavo, Lukas Haas, Swen Temmel, Sean Astin, and Noel Gugliemi. If you want to see this one, 101 Films will be releasing the film on Digital in the UK from 8th July.

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