13 June 2024

Watch Sci-Fi Short The Schwarzschild Radius

For a while our short film concentration has been on our Sunday Short Theatre. Today change things with this poignant sci-fi short The Schwarzschild Radius.

The film comes from Australian filmmaker Peter Majarich. A 3 minute film shot entirely on a mobile phone, another fine example of you don’t need overly expensive equipment to make films. The film is shot on a Xiaomi Mi11 phone and stars Govinda Roser who plays an astronaut. Travelling through space his ship becomes trapped and is on course with a black hole with no way to escape. With his demise imminent the astronaut decides to record a message for his son back on Earth.

When it comes to our lives we can get a little immersed, never really attempting to understand time itself. It’s only when we find ourselves confronted with event that can see time end, we start to understand how precious time truly is. As for the name of the film, I’m not going to act like a Mr Know-it-all as I’m no scientific expert. The title does have relevance to the narrative and refers to the distance from a black hole at which you can or can’t escape the gravitational pull.

Great talent when you can deliver something so effective in 3 minutes.

An astronaut delivers one last message as he approaches a black hole.

Source: Film Shortage

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