18 July 2024
3 Profile pictures of 2 men and a woman for The Sandman

The Sandman Season 2 Adds Thor, Loki, Odin, Orpheus, More To Cast

The Sandman Season 1 pardon the expression, One of dreams as it was seen as impossible to be made. Now Season 2 is coming and Netflix have announced more cast including Thor, Loki, Odin, Orpheus.

Neil Gaiman‘s The Sandman comic book has many stories from it’s 75 issues. What will the Lord of Dreams be up to next in Season two? It won’t be long until we’ll find out, as production is already underway. From the previous and new cast announcements we know the next story will come from Season Of Mists and Brief Lives books.

Here’s some info on characters that are joining the next sequence of stories of The Sandman:
All the new cast members profiles for The Sandman Season 2
Ruairi O’Connor is ORPHEUS, the poet, musician, and oracle, is the only child of Dream and the muse, Calliope (last seen in “The Sandman,” Episode 111). Orpheus is an idealistic, romantic, young man – and very much his father’s son – until tragedy strikes and reveals to him the true nature of love.

Freddie Fox is LOKI, the god of chaos. Loki is a charming, seductive shapeshifter. The smartest and most dangerous person in any room, Loki is utterly irresistible and never to be trusted.

Clive Russell is ODIN, the father of Thor, and blood-brother to Loki. He is a longtime ally of Dream’s, but finds himself driven to desperate extremes in his efforts to stave off Ragnarök.

Laurence O’Fuarain is THOR, the storm god. With his hammer Mjollnir, Thor is brusque, rude, and driven entirely by his appetites – for food and drink, for battle, and for sex.

Ann Skelly is NUALA and Douglas Booth  is CLURACAN, royal emissaries from the court of Faerie. Nuala and Cluracan are siblings who are opposites in every way. Nuala is responsible, empathetic, and principled. Cluracan is an impulsive rogue who lives for pleasure. They disagree about everything, except their devotion to one another.

Jack Gleeson is PUCK, a malevolent hobgoblin who serves as the royal jester to King Auberon of Faerie. Puck is fascinated by mortals and enjoys nothing more than making sport of them for his own amusement. He’s also the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Indya Moore is WANDA, a professional driver and security agent for an exclusive travel firm. Wanda proves herself to be an indispensable guide on an Endless road trip to the waking world.

Steve Coogan is the voice of BARNABAS, the canine companion of the Endless’s prodigal brother. Barnabas is loyal and loving, but an outspoken cynic. He’s man’s best friend and man’s sharpest critic.

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Previously announced returning cast includes: Tom Sturridge, Kirby, Mason Alexander Park, Donna Preston , Patton Oswalt, Vivienne Acheampong, Gwendoline Christie, Jenna Coleman , Ferdinand Kingsley, Stephen Fry, Asim Chaudhry , Sanjeev Bhaskar , Vanesu Samunyai , and Razane Jammal .

W e are still waiting on exactly when Netflix will hope to launch Season 2 of The Sandman.

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