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World War Z Sequel Get A Production Start Date

Been a long long time since we had any updates on the long-delayed sequel for World War Z. The news is now appearing online that production for the second film may have a production start date according to one of its producers. According to Variety who recently interviews with Beautiful Boy producers Dede Gardner and […]Read More

Has World War Z 2 And Friday The 13th Remake

In 6 days time Zombiephiles will be looking forward to the mid-season return of The Walking Dead Season 7, 2017 was also the year World War Z 2 was to arrive in cinemas. It now seems late last night Paramount have decided to pull the plug on the Brad Pitt  Zombie flick.   The Brad […]Read More

Steven Knight Delivers An Insight To World War Z 2

It was a troubled production but unlike Fantastic Four, World War Z delivered more expectations, most of all decent reviews.Now Paramount are pushing ahead with World War Z 2 and  Steven Knight who is on script duties has delivered an insight in what we can expect in the sequel. In an interview with Collider Oscar […]Read More

Juan Antonio Bayona Returning To Horror To Direct World War

Despite the troubled production World War Z survived the onlslaught delivering a healthy $585 million worldwide box office  and more decent reviews than negative ones. With this it was obvious a sequel was on the cards and today we earn that a director has been chosen to take the hot seat and that man will […]Read More

World War Z Review

Despite its well documented production problems, World War Z manages to be a stunningly refreshing and original take on the zombie film – boasting an exceptional lead performance from Brad Pitt and thrilling direction from Marc Forster. Pitt stars as United Nations employee Gerry Lane, drafted in to help find the source of a zombie […]Read More

Sing And Fight In New Video, TV Spot, Clips For

So how you doing on your stockpiling of tin food and water? House secure? Got protection when the apocalypse arrives in a town near you? Watch a new short TV Spot for World War Z. It might only be 18 seconds but there is a odd tidbit of new footage but what this spot does […]Read More

The Dead Arrive In London For World War Z World

Stock up your food and water, board up your homes as the zombie apocalypse last night arrived in London as Marc Forster’s World War z premiere arrived in town. Thankfully the hordes of undead souls didn’t invade the British capital but director Marc Forster with the film’s main attraction Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie also […]Read More

4 New World War Z TV Spots Remind Us The

The fury of the zombies has been unleashed in the shape of 4 new tv spots for World War Z reminding us the Zombie Apocalypse is coming and we better be ready for it! For the amount of money spent on the movie there’s been more noise in a monastery than from Paramount’s so called […]Read More

Fasten Your Seatbelts For Explosive World War Z UK Trailer

It’s time to fasten your seatbelts and time for a plane ride into a new explosive UK trailer for World War Z! Then Again you’ll probably want a parachute instead as it’s Zombies On Planes now! The new trailer is action packed though previous ones have been dedicated to our CGI dead antagonists, the latest dedicated […]Read More

First Footage For World War Z! Trailer Coming Thursday!

It seems a lifetime ago The People’s Movies was nearly overran by Hollywood zombies when Brad Pitt and Hollywood came to Glasgow for Marc Forster’s World War Z. That was summer 2011 and now it’s nearly 2013 and we’re taking a step closer to seeing Max Brooks World War Z: An Oral History of the […]Read More

Exclusive: WORLD WAR Z Set Images & Video From Glasgow

Hollywood came to town today, that Glasgow  Scotland’s largest city and only a few miles from The People’s Movies HQ. The World War Z bandwagon rolled into the city centre to the Merchant City area an area blessed with majestic old buildings which portray the city’s proud  industrial history and for the next two weeks it will […]Read More