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Film Review – Aniara (2019)

Hard-hitting Swedish space opera Aniara delivers nihilistic horror as it explores the breakdown of societal norms aboard a tragic space voyage. Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja write and direct based on a poem from Swedish Nobel Laureate Harry Martinson. Passengers aboard a sprawling spacecraft headed from a destroyed Earth to a home on Mars are […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – Before You Know It

Hannah Pearl Utt co-writes, stars in and directs Before You Know It, a charmingly offbeat tale of two adult sisters in New York. The project is co-written by Jen Tullock, who co-stars, alongside Mandy Patinkin, Judith Light and Alec Baldwin. Before You Know It follows Rachel (Utt) and Jackie (Tullock) who live with their formerly […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – I See You (2019)

Helen Hunt makes a rare foray into genre cinema with I See You from director Adam Randall. I See You prides itself on a plethora of plot twists courtesy of Devon Graye’s genre-bending narrative. Detective Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) is entangled in the case of a ten year old missing boy in suburban USA, his […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – Gwen (2019)

William McGregor’s Gwen is a staggeringly impressive debut delivers nerve-shredding Gothic dread centring on a rural Welsh community in the late 19th century. Seventeen year old Gwen (Eleanor Worthington-Cox) lives on an isolated Welsh farm with her younger sister and troubled mother Elen (Maxine Peake). After witnessing a strange figure outside their cottage, events take […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – She’s Missing (2019)

Irish writer-director Alexandra McGuinness takes us on a dreamy mystery through rural New Mexico in the atmospheric drama, She’s Missing. Heidi’s (Lucy Fry) best friend Jane (Eiza Gonzalez), a casino bartender who dreams of being a rodeo queen, disappears. Heidi heads into the desert in search of her meeting a variety of lonely lost souls […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – Aren’t You Happy (Das

German indie Aren’t You Happy comes from writer-director Susanne Heinrich who puts contemporary womanhood under the microscope in a playful offbeat manner. Split into fifteen episodic chapters (Marie Rathscheck)’s ennui filled maiden tells us if this was a film about a melancholic girl we would watch her wander around, talk, have sex, and do nothing […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – Living is Easy With

Taking its title from The Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever, Living is Easy With Eyes Closed plays the Edinburgh International Film Festival‘s retrospective Once Upon a Time in Spain. This 2013 film from David Trueba found success at the Goya Awards and at its best it’s a charming, sweet-natured albeit somewhat pedestrian road trip. In […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – The Bride (La novia)

Visceral Spanish drama The Bride plays as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival‘s Once Upon a Time in Spain retrospective and provided festival-goers the chance to see a simmering piece of the country’s best cinema. Based on Federico García Lorca‘s 1932 play Blood Wedding, The Bride follows a traditional Spanish wedding of a Bride […]Read More

2019 Edinburgh Film Festival Review – Strange But True (2019)

Amy Ryan leads a cast of familiar faces in Strange But True, a thriller that revels in taking viewers on escalating twists and turns which ultimately reach a level of outlandish Lifetime-style camp. Rowan Athale directs Eric Garcia‘s adaptation of John Searles‘ novel which never comes across quite a seriously as the creative team seem […]Read More

Film Review – Possum (2018)

Influences of Lynchian surrealism and the psychological end of Hammer Horror productions are lurking in Possum, an unsettling British thriller that stuns with its chilling imagery and traumatic themes. Writer-director Matthew Holness has crafted a uniquely original piece of horror cinema that lingers with you for a considerable time. Sean Harris plays Philip, a young puppeteer who returns home after an […]Read More