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Film Review – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

With the sound of a whitewashing scandal ringing in its ears, Rupert Sanders’ update of the 1995 anime classic Ghost in the Shell drops into cinemas like a robotic female assassin smashing through a skylight and popping a cap in a Swiss Tony lookalike’s ass. The movie began hoovering up criticism months in advance of […]Read More

New Ghost In The Shell Clip And Poster Reveals ‘Kuze’

We’re finishing the day as we started with Ghost In The Shell. Like any movie with two sides, it’s great to get a little insight on the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ when it comes to movies based on adaptations. We all know how iconic Masamune Shirow’s manga was, not in just in anime but sci-fi […]Read More

🔺 Ghost In The Shell Promos Replicate Uberstylish Cyberpunk Tale

‘What Are You?‘  Last night During the airing of the finale of Mr Robot in USA Paramount Pictures revealed the first teasers for Ghost In The Shell. Instead of one bigger teaser trailer we have 5 different teasers that replicate the the familiar Dystopian Cyberpunk style that made  the Manga/Anime a cult hit worldwide. Paramount […]Read More

Film Review – Criminal (2016)

Are Hollywood desperately seeking a new mature actor with a ‘particular set of skills’ now that Liam Neeson called time and exchanged his fighting skills for slippers? In Ariel Vromen‘s Criminal, Kevin Costner may believe he’s the man, think again. Sadly the only thing Criminal lives up to is it’s name because it’s shockingly ‘criminal’! […]Read More

First Image of Scarlett Johansson As Ghost In The Shell

Masamune Shirow‘s classic 1995 anime Ghost In The Shell is up there next to Akira as a masterpiece plus making many greatest ever film lists worldwide. In Japan many Manga or anime have become live action remakes are made but for the west and Hollywood it’s a different matter. Over the other side of world […]Read More