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Film Review – The Party’s Just Beginning (2018)

Since launching herself on the small screen in Doctor Who, Karen Gillan has become something of a chameleon on the big one. Most familiar as the embittered Nebula in Guardians Of The Galaxy and the final instalments of Marvel’s Avengers saga, she reprises her role in yet another successful franchise, Jumanji, in just a couple […]Read More

Watch The Animated Shorts For Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy  was an unexpected hit  for then an unknown commodity in a packed Marvel Universe as we eagerly wait the sequel we have some shorts that may entice our curiosity. Have you ever wondered more about Star Lord’s origins? To celebrate next month’s release of the animated adventures of Guardians Of The […]Read More

The Peoples Movies Best Of 2014 Top 10 – Ricky

For the past two years I have had a cineworld card – in my first year I was unemployed, so I basically filled my days with films. I watched EVERYTHING (apart from Horror, I don’t do horror). Then I got a job and had to leave most of my film watching to the weekends, as […]Read More

Galactic Opening For The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Now UK

The newest Marvel Studio recruits, the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, rocketed into UK cinemas this week collecting a studio estimate of £6.4 million in box office within its opening four days. The film has the honour of having one of the biggest ever original Marvel openings in the UK taking more in its first four […]Read More

Win Limited Edition Imax Guardians Of The Galaxy Posters

Audiences that attend opening weekend showings of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX® 3D exclusively at Empire Leicester Square London will receive this awesome limited edition, fan-made mini-poster, created by the PosterPosse. It’s the first film to enjoy its debut on the new IMAX 3D® screen, which was unveiled at the iconic London site […]Read More

Guardians Of The Galaxy Film Review

  Since Buster Crabbe saved the universe in Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (1938), the idea of beings – both human and alien – battling forces intent on causing an intergalactic Armageddon has been popular fodder for fantastic films. Recently though there has been an increase in the genre’s output, with new comic-book adaptations hitting […]Read More

Meet The Team In New Guardians Of The Galaxy UK

All heroes must start somewhere and for us all this August that time will start when Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy finally arrives in UK Cinemas. In a new UK trailer we get a better look at those unlikely band of criminals whom Earth’s fate lies in their hands! After a couple of trailers and […]Read More

The Racoon And Tree Speaks In New Guardians Of The

As we take step closer to the busiest period of The Summer blockbuster, Marvel unleash globally a brand new trailer for  Guardians Of The Galaxy and why this will be one of the surreal films of 2014! When we talk about surreal we mean that in a positive way how many films have fighting , talking […]Read More

It’s Official Vin Diesel Is Groot In Guardians Of The

It’s been on the cards for a very long time and now Marvel have confirmed, they have their Groot for Guardians Of Galaxy, step forward Vin Diesel. Ever since James Gunn‘s film started production it’s been a ongoing  gossip that the Fast & Furious star was going to play the “the highly intelligent, sentient treelike alien” […]Read More

Bradley Cooper Is Confirmed As Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket

As one summer fades into the history books the next one early eyes briefly look at one of its epic blockbusters and it looks like it has a new cast member, The Guardians Of The Galaxy Bradley Cooper. Who is playing Rocket Racoon! Since it’s confirmation rumours are been flying from every corner who will […]Read More

Are Adam Sandler And Jim Carrey Joining Guardians Of The

The cast for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy has been picking up pace on who might be joining despite the fact the studio has not confirmed any names who’ll be joining. If the latest gossip has a shred of truth in it, it looks like Marvel Entertainment are looking at some interesting candidates especially for […]Read More