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Five reasons to watch A Star Is Born – On

If you’ve never seen A Star Is Born before, you’ve certainly heard of the main song from the film Shallow, but maybe you want to know why else to watch the film… or maybe you’ve seen it in the cinema but need a reminder on why to watch it again… either way we’ve got you […]Read More

Film Review 3 – A Star Is Born (2018)

The familiarity of the story alongside being a fourth official version didn’t diminish the effect this Bradley Charles Cooper directorial debut maintained over me from opening guitar strums during the famous Warner Bros symbol to passion, pain, expanse throughout, into a soul-wrenching finale but ultimately smile on my face. Although the basic song remains the […]Read More

Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born Trailer Gives Lady Gaga

When it comes to Lady Gaga, be it a gig or a new video she will always be centre stage. In Bradley Cooper‘s directorial feature debut A Star Is Born, she once again takes centre stage in her first acting role. Tonight Warner Bros. Pictures has released the film’s first Trailer. Cooper stars as washed […]Read More

DVD Review – Blue Jasmine

In Woody Allen’s latest from the production line, Blue Jasmine, he ponders the question: What if you refused to believe your privileges had been stripped away from you? It’s a playful and unsurprising concept for the 78 year old director. Yet, as the typically amusing wit and neurotic awkwardness plays out, he soon reveals a […]Read More