25 May 2024

From Riches To Rags, Watch The Trailer For Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen season has now truly kicked off as we now have the official first trailer for his next film Blue Jasmine a woman who had every thing financially only for her to go from riches to rags.

Blue Jasmine mark’s Allen’s return home that’s a film set back in the USA after the last all been European located, film is mostly set in San Francisco though a part also set in New York. Cate Blanchett plays a wealthy New York housewife who becomes broke thanks to her husbands criminal actions (Alec Baldwin) and is forced to live with her sister in San Francisco.

I’ve always found it hard to appreciate Woody Allen‘s films (acting and directed by) his work is a required taste but 40 plus years in the industry he must be doing something right. It’s hoped Blue Jasmine will buck the indecisive trend of Allen’s recent films with it been back on home soil, it  does have the trademark humour however things do look a little more dramatic and darker in tone too. The story of rivaling siblings is something Allen excels at (Hannah And Her Sisters) really well and we’re optimistic this one will follow suit. It’s great to see Blanchett in a lead role with a fantastic ensemble cast around her, she certainly looks one f the stand outs of this film.

Blue Jasmine does have a UK&Irish release date of 20th September (USA 26th July) and the film co-stars Sally Hawkins, Andrew Dice Clay ,Bobby Cannavale ,  Louis C.K and Peter Sarsgaard.

source:  Yahoo

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