23 July 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Sit Still (2021)

There’s something about emptiness of big spaces that seem to unearth another side of us all especially when we’re alone. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, Sit Still is of one of a young girls journey of self expression song and dance.

How many have we visited a famous location which could be a scene from an iconic film when no one is around you re-enact that scene? Or burst into song or something that expresses your passion for something? Alone? We’ve all done something at one point, Canadian filmmaker Vincent René-Lortie short in a way is like that.

The young lady in question is seven-year-old Adeline Kerry Cruz who embarks on an intimate and exhaustive journey of self-expression. Showing off her journey around the haunting surroundings of vacant school, alone expressing herself through dance and in Krumping.

When your so young you bursting with creative juices, kids love to dance, sing. This 4 minute experimental short film was created to promote Jacob Jonas’ Films.dance a global platform to promote dance. Have a look will bring a smile to your face…

Alone in a vacant school, we follow seven-year-old Adeline on an intimate and exhaustive journey of self-expression as she navigates her emotions through Krump.

Source: Film Shortage

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