19 May 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Duck (2020)

Everyone needs to leave the family nest, find their own place they can call home. Like in this week’s Sunday Short Theatre in max kane and joey krulock‘s Duck.

This film is very much a road movie more than it’s one of finding a place to call home. Nor does it look a coming of age story as the protagonist looks older than the average teen but still a young man.

This 18 minute film synopsis is very short and precise…’Frank Leaves home‘. It sounds like his world crumbling down around him, living too long at home or even problems with parents. The film is an single shot film with everything seen through the front window of Frank’s car as he journeys through the land.

Why Duck? watch the film and find out…

Here was Max Kane’s thoughts on his short film…
When I moved from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles in 2018, I left loving friends and family behind. I felt as though I had abandoned my parents, who had supported me my entire life, and my younger brother, who had just started high school. For me, it wasn’t just leaving home. My entire world – and everything I had ever known – was changing. DUCK is a reflection of the self-doubt and uncertainty I felt on my journey across the United States.

My goal for this film was simple: to tell a captivating story in a single frame. I knew that filming from one angle would allow Joey and I to pre-set light/sound before the shoot. As a result, I’d be given more time to focus on directing, and Joey would have the ability to fully explore his character.

Source: Film Shortage

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