23 July 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Coin Lunch (2018)

It’s been a long time since we’ve done Sunday Short Theatre. Sunday is here again let’s  do it, head to Japan and David Allen’s Coin Lunch.

The award winning short film does have a personal feel to it as its inspired by David’s life. The film is set in Tokyo, Japan where David is based. David has been freelancing as a videographer virtually since graduating from film school. Heading to the Japanese capital in 2014 for new experiences and is now he’s a cinematographer and DP.

Coin Lunch we meet Jeff who is an Salaryman (white collar worker) trying to fit into the way of The Japanese workplace. Suddenly his wife cuts off his allowance , Jeff’s life slides into a downward Spiral. Leaving him to choose his job or family.

When you move to a foreign country or even to another city in your country you always have to make sacrifices. He does find a way to capture Jeff’s (played by James Sutherland) vulnerability. An empathetic look at a man’s life falling apart…

David commented…
Coin Lunch is my first short narrative film. I usually work as a DOP in Tokyo for more documentary and commercial type projects and wanted to try something new. I originally wrote Coin Lunch two years ago as a response to my feelings of living and working in Japan. Over time the script developed and we shot the film over 4 days in January 2018. It’s a story of identity in a foreign place, and the new responsibilities that come with raising a family. It’s like a coming-of-age for a 35 year old.

Source: Film Shortage

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