20 July 2024


hey guys Sunday 22nd August is nearly on us, the day The Peoples Movies Blog becomes ThePeoplesmovies.com!!! Its nearly time to join the dot.com revolution and take the blog upwards and onwards and becoming the a dot.com address will help the publicity of the site and my aim was always to be recognised and people appreciate what I do. The internet see’s no borders and what I mean with borders is though I live in Scotland which is part of the U.K  running a website you are available to everyone from Glasgow to London, London to new York New York to Tokyo, Tokyo to Beijing and so on, the thing that gets people to go to websites is the content and in my case movies!!!

I’m looking at around 4pm GMT which is about 11am New York or midnight 23rd August in Beijing or Tokyo, so if you are a follower of my blog thank you for following and remember to update your bookmarks! Of course there will be a few hiccups in the first few days and ill be busy trying to update the social and blogging bookmarks and hopefully this time next weel everything will be hunky dory.

I will do my best to bring you the latest trailers, video interviews, news,opinions, reviews, Im expecting a little more work to be done but I may need your help to keep things running. I do love getting those emails from people all around the world telling me how much they enjoy the blog and heearing that means alot to me as im the main contributor but there is also great people like Travis at The Movie Encylcopedia and Natasha and her friends at Best For Films but they have their own sites and help when they can but I need you. In some of those emails people tell me why didnt you mention that news or that trailer, as I said its mostly me and theres not enough hours in a day to cover everything thats including movie reviews. so What Do have is limited space  to add a few people to my wordpress account (Yes my site still wordpress Im upgrading only) to let some ofyou guys help with the adding news stories, any scoops or even trailers as well and adding you to my account you can automatically go in and post the story yourself!!! I will be posting when I can but hopefully soon im hoping to get work and so my time maybe limited again.

As for movie reviews financially I cant go see every movie  so its impossible to review everything but you guys can help out and even if there several reviews for one film no problem, room for all! I like diverse reviews so if you hate a movie everyone else liked its your opinon and no one will criticise you for it, The Peoples views, thepeoplesmovies!!!

One other thing shortly I will also do is upgrade the part of my account that lets me control the look of the design and when I get control I can play about with the look and alter or even add new things to make the site a alot better hopefully more interactive too. One page getting redesigned again is the trailers page! Yes I know you say ‘AGAIN!’ yes but as you’ll notice alot of the new trailers are not getting included right away when there posted, thats down to finding time to create a graphic then post it but what im going to do now is have all the movies trailer links together with a graphic maybe a few more details and the graphic will be replaced by text links which is alot quicker too. I have a few ideas what to have such as a movie page which will have images, movie info, trailer links, etc in one page, so please bear with us. If you are a graphic designer or have ideas for designs especially for a new logo please get in touch.

Okay so remember guys tomorrow around 4pm (1600hrs) GMT the blog will be changing to thepeoplesmovies.com so I maybe offline for a short period but ill be on very shortly. The Peoples Movies may not be one of the big movie websites online, but what I can garuntee is a passionite fanatic movie fan who loves his movies, I’ll always strive to post qaulity stuff and things can also get better with your help , so check out the details below and ill see you all at the dot.com!!!

Writers, reviewers, scoops, etc… get in touch for more info at thepeoplesmovies@gmail.com

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