14 July 2024

Spiderman Reboot Looking For Their Female Lead And Its Gwen Stacey NOT Mary Jane!

After the long road to find out Andrew Garfield is is to play Spiderman/Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s untitled Spiderman movie the focus now turns to the heros love interest. So you maybe wondering who’ll be playing Mary Jane then? think again this is not Sam Raimi’s version this is Marc Webb’s version and it looke likely the female lead will possiby be Gwen Stacey but according to Heat Vision the pages from the script given to the actress in possible contention didn’t reveal the name of that character.

Already there has been six names thrown into the hat and they are Teresa Palmer (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), Imogen Poots(28 Weeks Later), Lily Collins(The Blind Side), Ophelia Lovibond(Nowhere Boy), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) and Emma Roberts (Valentines Day).

“These are not screentests, which usually involve some sort of dealmaking, but rather readings and meetings,” Heat Vision clearly states which means there could be a possibility of another search for the right girl if these six dont prove up to the role.

Columbia Pictures or Marc Webb’s team wouldn’t comment on the story but what we do know is it will be a  “more gritty, contemporary” redo of the series.  As things seem to be rolling as in who maybe the love interest of Peter Parker there hasn’t been any word of who’ll be the villian with last rumours saying it maybe the Lizard. Heat Vision say the setting for the movie will be High School but I think we can say it’ll probably be more College/University  because of Andrew Garfield’s real age as he’ll be 27 on Friday!!! The age group of the female lead is 19-24 years old and already we have  Peter Parker who’llmeant to be the same age played by a 27year old, so what age will she be and how long will the audience buy into older person playing someone younger ?

Filming for Spiderman Reboot will be starting in December and hopefully soon we’ll known who shell be and who the villian will be too!

source Collider

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