14 June 2024

I Saw The Light UK Trailer ‘Sees The Light’ Online

i saw the light

It may not be the culture usually connected with Country music but Liquor, cigarettes, Drugs an lived the life loose women Johnny Cash, and now Hank Williams in I Saw The Light. “Hey good lookin’, What you got cookin’?” as Tom Hiddleston enthralls our Sunday nights as The Night Manager we’ll soon see him on the big screen Honky Tonkin’ as Country Legend, watch UK trailer…

I Saw The Light tells the story of Hank Williams, the iconic, influential country singer and songwriter of the 1940’s and early 50’s whose meteoric rise and fall, including his death at age 29, has become part of American folklore. Writer-director Marc Abraham has created a compelling, historically accurate narrative of Hank’s career that examines his tormented creative genius and the turbulent domestic life that inspired him to write some of his best-known songs. By literally going back in time, you see Hank as he was, living his life on his terms, battling his demons and ultimately creating music for the ages.

The film explores life of the iconic country western singer/songwriter a life that was a self destructive one sadly ending before he even got to his 30th birthday. This is looking like Hiddleston’s very own Walk The Line which was a fantastic film itself however that may go against this film as it could be seen as a like for like film. Some say this should have came first as Williams is regarded by some as the first true country star. Hiddleston looks solidly reliable as ever and so does Elizabeth Olsen who plays Williams insufferable wife Audrey Sheppard. Now who ever thought they see the day Loki and Scarlett Witch as crooners?

I Saw The Light will arrive in UK 6th May 2016 Co-starring David Krumholtz, Bradley Whitford, Maddie Hasson, Cherry Jones, Josh Pais and Wrenn Schmidt.

source: Sony Pictures UK

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