19 May 2024

Sacha Baron Cohen & Ben Kingsley Joining the cast of Hugo Cabret?

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I have to thank Martin Scorsese if this is true Sacha Baron Cohen wont be doing Men In Black 3 (leaving Jermaine Clement to play the role in that movie), as he’ll in talks along with Sir Ben Kingsley to star in the upcoming childrens movie Hugo Cabret according to Deadline Hollywood.

The movie will be based on the popular childrens book come graphic novel by Brian Selznick. The movie will be set in the backdrop of 1931 Paris following a story of an orphaned boy who lives in the walls of a busy Parisan train station, looking after the stations clocks but he is sucked into a mystery adventure whilst attempting to fix a mechanical man.

It’s believed that Baron Cohen is aiming to play the part of the station master and whilst the decade is set during the golden age of movie Kingsley could play the silent film director Georges Meilies whose character plays an important part in the movie.  All news is still specualtion as was the fact that the movie would join the ever increasing list of movies becoming 3-D but Scorsese laid that rumour to rest. The movie is due to start filming in May in Paris with The Aviator, Sweeny Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street writer John Logan writing the screenplay.

I’m not a fan Sacha Baron Cohen but I can see him fitting nicely into this movie and Ive had the most upright respect for Ben Kingsley after his performance in Schindler’s List. Whatever you think of Martin Scorsese and his back catalogue of classic movies his an iconic part of movies and his vision and knowledge of films is second to none, he is an walking encyclopedia of all things movies and he can talk the talk and walk the walk. I think this will be the first movie Scorsese has created in which children would be actually able to go and see and he promises this will be like no other childrens movie ever made. With the movie including an actual person in the form of Georges Meillies who was regarded as one of the leaders of modern movies creating over 500 movies, a magician by trade  a magician behind the camera, so do expect Scorsese to pay homage to early cinema and French cinema especially.

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