19 June 2024



reviewer Dexter Kong
Rated: 15 (UK)
Drector: Paul Haggis
Cast: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks , Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde


The Next Three Day is a thriller starring Russell Crowe & Elizabeth Banks with a rather odd cameo from Olivia Wilde. It is about a man whose wife has been imprisoned for muder and he will stop at nothing to free her. He is of the belief that she has been wrongly imprisoned.

Russell Crowe is an actor, who I always assume is just going to play an arsehole of a character but each time manages to prove me wrong with a brilliant performance. He does it yet again in The Next Three Days and delivers on every aspect. There are moments where lingering looks are enough to convey emotion and a nervous disposition pretty much creates the tenseness of a scene.

The film is very much split in to two halves, the first being a psychological thriller and the second being an action fare. As with all heist movies we have the plan and the event. There is a problem with pacing as Haggis (the director) puts too much focus on small secondary characters and often tails off on story arcs sometimes leading to nowhere, which is oddly jarring (see Olivia Wilde) and added needless extra running time. An honorable mention has to go to the use of the title card which doesn’t appear at the beginning of the film but instead, during what I call “the aha moment”. This is where a character usually says or directly references the film’s title, instead in The Next Three Days the screen just pops up with text half way through, voilà!

The Next Three Days in the end does come across as a by the numbers thriller ( I use “by the numbers” in the context of where we start at 5, jump back to 1, shift to 3 & probably end on 10) though there is plenty of entertainment & excitement to leave me feeling fairly good about the film.

Movie Rating: 3.5/5



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Many thanks to Dexter Kong the new member to the The Peoples Movies Blog who’ll you’ll be able to read many more movie reviews throughtout 2011. Dexter has kindly gave permission to use on this blog, the review was first posted at Escape Buttons Dexter’s very own blog

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