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Film Review – Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

It could have been his Gran Torino, his final “heyday” film that sent him off into a sort-of retirement with some dignity, a little bit of grace and some very fond memories of the past that still, to this day, has some shining lights. But, instead, Sylvester Stallone chose to make Rambo: Last Blood, one […]Read More

Meet The Culprits In Knives Out Character Posters

Nothing brings a family together like murder. Rian Johnson getting grounded leaving the Star Wars Universe for an old school whodunnit in Knives Out. The film has recently made it’s world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, with some great positive reviews. In just over 2 months time the film will be in UK cinemas. […]Read More

New Rambo: Last Blood Trailer Make Rambo A Legend

“What Made Him A Soldier, Will Make Him A Legend“. After bringing back his iconic Rocky Balboa, 37 years after First Blood Sylvester Stallone John Rambo is back. We expect this to be one final hurrah and today Lionsgate have released a Second UK Trailer for Rambo: Last Blood. Reminding us, time may catch us […]Read More

Blake Lively Is ‘Gone Girl’ In A Simple Favour Trailer

What happened to Emily? Anna Kendrick stars in A Simple Favour as Stephanie, a woman desperately looking for her now mysteriously disappeared friend Emily. Today Lionsgate Films has released the first teaser Trailer for Paul Feig’s modern take on film noir. The trailer teases questions about the film’s ‘gone girl’ Emily (Blake Lively). Does Stephanie […]Read More

Watch The Fearless UK Trailer For McQueen

Life without emotion, does this mean you’re not doing your job right? Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen believed in this and next month you can see his story on the big screen. McQueen is the extraordinary story of Alexander Lee McQueen, his rags to riches of the influential British Designer. Directed and produced by Ian Bonhôte […]Read More

First Look At Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson As Red Joan

Joan Stanley may not be a name that will roll off many peoples tongues, but she was a unique woman. Stanley was one of the most exciting figures in British history, accused of being the longest-serving British KGB Spy.So it’s no surprise the woman in question will be the subject of an upcoming film called […]Read More

Love Has No Limits In Submergence UK Trailer Starring James

It’s not every day you get a chance to say ‘The new film from Wim Wenders’. This spring we will get that chance when Submergence is released. Starring James McAvoy and Alicia Vikander lovers in a dream state love, it’s also one they must fight for, literally. Today Lionsgate Films has sent us the UK […]Read More

Sicario 2: Soldado First Trailer, Starts War With Everyone

Copyright Lionsgate Films UK 2018 Many critics loved Denis Villeneuve‘s 2015 Oscar-nominated Sicario, it also divided opinion especially on the way Emily Blunt‘s character was treated. When we believed she was the lead role, thing suddenly unravelled she was nothing more than a patsy for something deeper.  2018 the sequel will be released, Sicario 2: […]Read More

A New Stronger Featurette Promises ‘A Human Story’

Sadly there are too many tragic events happening the world and when their story forms a movie it’s usually the event they focus on. In David Gordon Green‘s Stronger, the focus shifts to one person Jeff Bauman survivor of the infamous 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. He would become a symbol of hope for the city, […]Read More

The First Clip For Only The Brave Will ‘Choke You

If you were ever to be caught in the middle of a disaster like a forest fire the team in Only The Brave. Next month Joseph Kosinski‘s movie will be in the UK and Irish cinemas and Lionsgate Films UK has released a new clip. The clip is entitled ‘Choke You Out‘, a short clip […]Read More

Watch New Valerian And The City Of The Thousand Planets

If your looking for something visually epic, amazing, full of strange planets with interesting but strange population, Luc Besson is your man. This Summer the French filmmaker will deliver that unique, imaginative Space opera adventure Valerian And The City Of The Thousand Planets and today we get a second UK trailer. If The Fifth Element […]Read More

New Power Ranger Clips ‘Crashes’ Online

If you ever try something as big as The Mastodon would be wise to know where the breaks are in the cockpit. In the new clip for the upcoming Power Rangers movie, the clip shows our ‘Black Ranger’ Nick (Ludi Lin) test drive his new Zord. This clip is one for novice and humour of […]Read More