21 July 2024

Martin Scorsese Shopping For Killers of the Flower Moon Distributor

You wonder if Martin Scorsese‘s next film project Killers Of The Flower Moon, was a comic book film. Would he struggle getting a distributor? After the problems with The Irishman getting a distributor, could Netflix be coming to the rescue once again?

According to the report in the Wall Street Journal, to get the product into production it will cost around $200 (£160) million. This is nearly $50 million more than The Irishman cost, which has scared off Paramount once again. So is it looking déjà vu  again for the legendary filmmaker?

The Flowers Of Killer Moon revolves around the Osage Nation who were granted rights to the oil found in their lands. Suddenly as Oil tycoons harvested the oil people started to get murdered including those investigating. One of the first major investigations done by the FBI. Which turned into one of America’s most chilling murder sprees ever.

Saying what if this Leonardo DiCapro lead film was a comic film, was no swipe at Scorsese. As we know, he’s no big fan of the sub genre, but as the MCU has shown, it brings in the money.

This is an era regardless if the film is critical success, if it won’t make profits it could be a dead horse. The days of studios backing  all films with  massive budgets are virtually over. Even if the director is the legendary Martin Scorsese.

Despite the issues with The Irishman, Paramount Pictures still became attached to the new project. The report does state the studio have counted themselves out just yet .  The special effects costs spiralled as well as the studio didn’t see the film as a viable project with a running time of 3 hours 25 minutes. There is no word the new film will have similar running time, it seems its the budgeting.

This stumbling block gives Scorsese freedom to speak to other potential buyers. Netflix who seem to have no problems with budgets. Apple TV+ have also been mentioned as have Universal and MGM. Paramount could still cover the film but only if split the costs with another buyer.

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