15 June 2024

Hellraiser Reboot Found it’s Director…David Bruckner

The word ‘Reboot’ sense dread through cinefiles, especially if it’s a film you adore. We now expect reboots and one upcoming reboot, Hellraiser has found it’s director…David Bruckner.

In 2019 news was broke that David Goyer was onboard to write and produce the classic 1980’s horror.  Now Spyglass Media have Bruckner onboard to direct.  He will be joined by the duo of Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, the three of them are the team behind The Night House. The Sundance hit starring Rebecca Hall will be released by Searchlight later this year, which Goyer was involved with too.

Bruckner is no stranger to the horror genre. He was the director of the underrated horror The Ritual starring Rafe Spall and the 2008 indie The Signal starring AJ Bowen. He also directed sections on horror anthologies V/H/S and Southbound. More recently he also directing several episodes on the Creepshow reboot on Shudder. Collins and Piotrowski worked on Stephanie as well as Super Dark Times.

Hellraiser is based on Clive Barker‘s Novella, Hellbound Heart. In 1987 Barker decided to direct the film himself and the film spawned many sequels. The film introduce viewers to the mysterious puzzlebox which was the gateway to horrific place. A portal to world which the sadistically evil Cenobites live. Lead by the their leader Pinhead who would torture their victims to death. In the original film, the cenobites actually only play a small part. It’s the latter films before become more involved, sadly not the best part of the franchise.

Hellraiser has become a cult franchise amongst horror fans. Pinhead and his friends may not be at the high end of cult status with the likes of Freddy Kruger or Michael Myers. They are easily high up and recognisable.

We have been promised this will be a “Loyal, Yet Evolved” re-imagining. No cast have been mentioned just yet, as there is no confirmed production start date due to the Covid-19.

Source: THR

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