13 July 2024


2010 most anticipated movie is here, Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION is on our cinema screens and the big question people will be asking, does it live up to its expectations?….Hell Yeah!

Over the years of filmmaking so many movies have tried with very few have achieved to be a true example of why movies are made: to shock,amaze,provoke and most of all entertain us and Inception you can put in with one of those few movies that do what they said they would do, entertain. This is a movie that requires your full concentration because one slip could mean you lost forever on whats going on, so if you love your popcorn, hotdogs or nachos get them before you go in because missing something may ruin the whole point of this movie, Also listen because the complexity of the story and the multilayers Nolan has created will just go right over your head.

As I’ve taken so long to write this review up I do hope those people out in movie fan world have seen this movie (what did you think? did you enjoy it? If no send me your review!) but if you haven’t ill done my best to explain the story but if I do include any spoilers with realising it, apologies upfront!

Inception in laymen terms is an heist movie but one set in your dreams. Leonardo Di Caprio plays Cobb a corporate spy, dream thief, who targets the big high-value clients and they need info for power and Cobbs the man to get them that. He has a crack team who help him: Arthur (Joseph Gordon- Levitt) his right hand amigo, the architect Ariadne (Ellen Page), the Forger Eames (Tom Hardy), Chemist Yusuf (Dileep Rao) and the client Saito (Ken Watanabe). Cobb is out Extractor who must plant an idea into the target Robert Fisher (Cillan Murphy) in order to get the information and Cobb will get his ultimate reward, to return to his children. Cobb may be good at extractor information but he has his own dark secrets buried deep in his mind which you learn what they are but during the course of the movie it destroys the previous extraction endangering the team but would that secret interrupt the most dangerous type of extraction of them all?…The Inception?

When you enjoy a movie so much you always want to tell friends and family all the details of that movie not realising you’ve just told them the whole movie, so I try my best not to spoil the fun and as they say ‘see is believing’ if someone tells you its good, it’s good to see it yourself.

With Inception Nolan has found his rabbit hole which is more than Tim Burton miserably did with Alice In Wonderland. We disappear down the hole which is our dreams in this movie, dream after a dream and this is when the concentration is at its highest level as a lapse now you would just be lost forever. Visually Nolan’s style is just right for this movie and he spoon feeds us with just enough information to keep us going but not overwhelming us. The dreams are fantasy and they are your oyster to do what you want a bit like the Matrix where things you want just suddenly appear, so when things go wrong in dreams our heroes have a new way to get out. It’s important to understand and listen to the beginning of the movie as well things lead to the big fantastic finale right at the end which isn’t really a number of scenes but one big great 40-minute action scene, so we know the score in what’s going to happen and what roles our characters will play.

What bad things can you say about this movie? Virtually nothing apart from one thing I didn’t like. All to do with the first dream (rain scene) and the feel of the movie, it was a fantastic scene but at that stage, I thought I was watching the opening Heist scene from The Dark Knight returns and I waited for some guy to appear looking at the joker! Amazing scene but I paid to watch Inception.

The way the 4 dream states came together was fantastic, you felt like you were on the edge pf your seat egging on Cobbs gang as the clock ran down, there are not many directors in the world who could match or beat that editing style, phenomenal. What makes this movie click is the cast and I can’t say a bad thing about really any of them as they were all fantastic. My respect for Leonardo Di Caprio just grows movie by movie and Inception is another fine example of why he is one of the best when it comes to lead actors, Utterly convincing matching his brilliant performance of Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island (very similar characters as well in some respects). Personally, the best performance was from Tom Hardy, confident, charismatic presence on screen, required to be a lead which he’ll get in the future.

Inception is a movie that is a visually stunning piece of film, which is allowed freely to develop minute by minute, never fooling the viewer but done in a manner to let us understand in our own way. Cinema was creating for one purpose to entertain us and give people a chance to escape from reality be it only for a few hours, escapism and Inception are how escapism should be.


Sci-fi, action| UK, 2010 | 12A | 16th July 2010 (UK) | Warner Bros. | Dir.Christopher Nolan | Leonardo Di Caprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Cillan Murphy

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2 thoughts on “(Late)Review:INCEPTION

  1. Everything is so great about this film. Nolan really does know how to direct and write an entertaining, and thought-provoking film.

    1. your right, It was one of those films personally for me where the true force of the movie and how good it was never really sank in until after I watched, I know sometimes people will start to love the movie as it plays along, this one was after it. Even though I had one criticism of the movie the rain scene, it was still a fantastic scene which made me drift away from the fact I was watching inception when it looked dark knight returns though like many directors they will use the same crew, some of the same cast as well as same location in many of their films.

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