24 July 2024

High-Rise First Trailer Teases Luxury Living in a Most Ominous Way

Ever wanted something free from the shackles of old, everything you and need in the same building, there’s no reason for you to leave? Behold High-Rise first trailer arrives as Tom Hiddleston teases secluded luxury living is the way of the future living.

Ben Wheatley is fast becoming one of the most exciting film directors of today and this 80 plus second teaser has his signature style written all over it. Satirical, outlandishly unique.

High-Rise is based Cult J.G Ballard novel of the same name, a story of brutal satire of the class wars, set in 1975 Hiddleston plays Dr Robert Laing who becomes the latest resident to move into the newly state-of-the-art residential development which offers its tenants all the conveniences of modern life, alongside the pleasures of a subtle kind of anonymity. A property created by reclusive esteemed architect, Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons).Laing soon learns his neighbours are isolated , segregated due to there class status and wealth, Que class wars.

Don’t expect to see any footage from the film this plays more like a corporate promotional video than a trailer, with Hiddleston providing the narration. A ominous insight of a dystopian future which ironically once that reality worldwide is closely moving towards too, some may argue we are already there. It reminds me of those Dystopian  1990’s film promos we used to see in the likes of  Running Man, Robocop.

Wheatley and Ballard are like a match made in heaven one a cult author another on the road to becoming one with both delivering a intriguing but sometimes off-kilter vision. The director has a style that swings like an pendulum from purely arthouse to iconic horror masters and sometimes his films plot comes across frustrating. The film did get a mixed response at London Film Festival however our writer Ian Schultz loved the film calling the filmmaker “One of Britain’s visionary directors”. Like Under The Skin, High-Rise might not be film that everyone will appreciate it, but deep down its a fantastic film that deserves lots of recognition.

Read Ian’s 5 star review from London Film Festival.

High-Rise has a fantastic support cast with Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss, Luke Evans, James Purefoy, Reece Shearsmith, and Dan Skinner. Film arriving in UK 18th March 2016.

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