15 July 2024

DVD Review – Randy Savage Unreleased (2018)

Freak out! The WWE, based on the popularity of the previous WWE Unreleased DVD set, has released a similar set devoted to Randy “Macho Man” Savage. A note before we begin- while the WWE Unreleased collection was truly that- matches from TV tapings (or even house shows) that had only been seen by the audiences in the building those particular nights, this set stretches the concept a little and has some matches that aired on TV, but have not been released before on home video.

Between the matches we see a panel consisting of Corey Graves, Sean Mooney (!), Bayley and Diamond Dallas Page. Mooney says his first impression of Savage was him being down to Earth, compared to other mega-star Hulk Hogan. Bayley first saw Savage on WCW TV, since she’s a youngling.

Aldo Marino vs. Randy Savage– Is Marino Vic Steamboat? A lot of the matches here, particularly on the first disc, will probably be short, so I’ll just give you the jist. During the match, Mr. Fuji, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, “Classy” Freddie Blassie, Johnny Valiant and Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart come down to court Savage. It is notable that Savage drops two elbows from the top before going for the pin. * Savage throws Marino out and drops an axehandle after the match.

Mario Mancini vs. Savage– Randy has a crazy cape with like poles in it (think of an umbrella). He is still Liz-less here. Macho throws him out for an axehandle from the top rope to the floor, then hits an elbow drop back inside for the duke. *

Paul Roma vs. Savage– Let’s see how Savage fares against a future Horseman. Roma got two off of a sunset flip, but then took the axehandle/elbow drop sequence like all the other jobbers. * Macho then calls out Hogan, though he didn’t say “Be a man!”

Graves asks the panel about the chemistry between Savage and Miss Elizabeth. DDP says his wife Kimberly and Liz got along well. Mooney tells the story of Savage meeting Liz at a health club in Lexington, Kentucky. Graves said she humanized him.

Jesse “The Body” Ventura/Randy Savage vs. Mario Mancini/Mike Rice– Well, that’s an interesting pairing. I never knew Mancini and Rice ever teamed! Anyway, they take turns working over Mancini, then Savage lets him get a tag. Rice then takes a beating, and does the honors. * The two heels then taunt announcer Bruno Sammartino.

Tony Atlas vs. Randy Savage– Looks like the Boston Garden, to me. Atlas overpowers him in the early moments. Savage finally turns the tide with an inverted atomic drop. Macho crawls around the floor after throwing Tony out before cheapshotting him. Atlas takes over again inside, and takes a big headbutt. Tony attempts to powerslam Savage from the apron into the ring, but gets small packaged for the win. *1/2.

SD Jones vs. Randy Savage– Ha, Gorilla Monsoon tells Savage “Be a man!” from the commentary table! SD bodyslams Savage and hits a crossbody for two. He headbutts Macho and Savage gets tied in the ropes. Savage butt-drops out of a sunset flip account, but SD falls on him on a bodyslam attempt. SD also gets a backslide, but Savage’s feet land on the ropes. Savage bails. A headbutt drops Savage, SD misses a charge, and Macho drops the elbow for the win. *1/2.

Savage vs. Scott McGhee– From the Capitol Centre in Landover, MD. Mat wrestling to begin. Savage bails out to break momentum. They grapple some more. Savage hits a back elbow, then grabs a front chancery. McGhee backdrops him and gets two, and Savage bails again. Back in, McGhee misses a charge and hits the post, and Savage works him over. He grabs a box of popcorn and rubs it in his face, “Which can blind you,” Monsoon says. Savage misses whatever and gets tied in the Tree of Woe, and gets atomic dropped for two. Savage slams him but misses an elbow, and McGhee then misses a boypress. McGhee turns a bodylam into a pinning predicament (like Steamboat at WM3), but Savage takes his head off with a clothesline, then hits the elbow. **3/4 That was a spirited little match. Savage threatens Monsson afterward.

WWF Intercontinental championship, Pedro Morales vs. Randy Savage (c)- Savage obviously had won the title from Tito Santana by this point. Morales slams Savage, who bails and throws a chair into the ring. Savage rakes his eyes with a foreign object, then stashes it again. Savage sends Morales to the floor with a knee to the back, attacks him outside, then drops an axehandle. The referee here looks like Keith Hernandez, by the way. Savage suplexes him back in, for two. Pedro nails Savage in the gut on an axehandle attempt, and Morales gets a backdrop. A sunset flip gets two, as does a small package. They end up outside, where Savage misses a chair shot and gets counted out. *1/4. Savage grabs his belt and runs.

Macho Lifestyles: At home with the Macho Man: Okerlund interviews Savage and Liz at supposedly their home. This may be the debut of “Macho Madness is more seductive than sex,” so it easily scores points there.

Troy Martin vs. Randy Savage– Martin is Shane Douglas. we get an inset of Morales, as Douglas gets a small package. Savage then drops the axehandle, slams him and drops the elbow. *

Randy Savage/The Honky Tonk Man vs. Ricky Steamboat/Hulk Hogan– Interesting. The faces clear the ring to begin. Savage tosses a chair in, and it actually hit the referee in the head. The faces work over Honky, and Steamboat drags him over by the hand to tag. Steamboat hits a mistimed bodypress, and Hulk enters. Savage has no interest in tagging in. More doubleteaming on Honky. Honky gets a sunset flip for two, but Hogan comes back in and Steamboat scared off Savage. Honky gains the upperhand on Hogan until he gets atoic dropped. Hogan clotheslines him in the corner, and makes a tag. Steamer grabs a sleeper.Hart eventually interferes so Honky can tag Savage. Hulk eventually hot tags and runs wild. He boots Savage and then tags Steamboat back in. Steamboat goes up and hits a chop, but the pool is empty on a second attempt. Savage tries to use the ringbell, but Hogan pushes him off the of the top. Savage heads for the hills, so Hogan throws Hart into the ring. The heels are whipped together. ** The faces won by DQ.

Graves and the crew talk about the Steamboat-Savage feud. Bayley says in FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling, a developmental territory) everyone asked Steamboat about that match, and it was a go-to match to learn from. DDP claims Savage was worse than he was about laying matches out. Graves said Steamboat said the Wrestlemania III match was planned out months in advance, so much so that Savage would call out numbers for spots.

Savage/Hercules vs. Billy Jack Haynes/Steamboat– Herc and Steamer lock up to begin, and Herc shows his power. Dragon takes over and tags Billy Jack, as Herc takes a breather. Savage then gets tagged, and he shoulder blocks and hiptosses BJH before tagging Herc. The Greek God overpowers Billy Jerk Haynes (TM Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) and Savage cheapshots him after Herc draws Steamboat in. Savage tagged, and he gets press slammed. Herc in, and gets clotheslined. Herc prevents BJH from tagging, and Savage rakes his eyes on the top rope. Savage knocks Steamer off of the apron and throws BJH over the top. Herc and Savage are working well together here. So finally BJH tags Dragon, and he unloads on both heels. He drops a chop on Savage from the top, but gets thrown over the top. Sunset flip Herc, Savage breaks up. Herc chokes blatantly. Steamer gets two on a body press on Savage. Both tag, and BJH clotheslines then military presses Herc. Savage breaks up a pin, and Steamer cuts him off. The bad guys are whipped together, Steamer throws Savage out, and then Macho hits an axehandle on BJH for the DQ. **3/4. That seems a little unfair, since it was already a Pier 6’er.

WWF Intercontinental championship, Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat (c)- Savage armdrag and celebrates. Steamer chops him and Savage bails. Savage with strikes and chokes. Steamer gets two off of a backslide, but gets knocked outside. Savage crawls around sneak attacks ricky on the floor. Coming back in Steamboat gets a small package like at WM3, but it only gets two. Steamer rolls through a crossbody for two. Savage gets a clothesline and hits an axe handle inside for two. Savage gets tied in the Tree of Woe but kicks ricky on a backdrop attempt. Steamer hits a chop from too far away for two. He then punches a flying Savage in the gut. They footrace outside, and Savage attacks him coming back in. Savage breaks up a sunset-flip attempt, then gets a two count. Steamer rolls him up and hits his throat on the ropes. Savage misses a Bossman splash, then hets catapulted. Steamer backdrops Savage, and gets two off of a chop off the top. They knock noggins coming off the ropes, and a frustrated Savage goes outside and brings the timekeeper’s bell back in. He misses Ricky and hits himself with it, and Steamboat gets the pin. *** ¼ This was a good match and not a repeat of their classic.
DDP shows off Bayley’s Macho Man jacket. I think the point here was he inspired her look and entrance.
We see a promo from Savage that says it’s from April 19, 1988, but it looks like it was from directly after WMIV, when he won the WWF championship. He was talking about Ted Dibiase, so…

WWF championship steel cage match, Ted Dibiase vs. Randy Savage (c)- I like the “Hebner sucks” chants. There are some empty red seats visible. Dibiase attacked Savage as he came into the cage. Dibiase backbreakers Savage, but misses a kneedrop. Dibiase goes up, but Savage stops him. Savage eats boot on a charge, and he gets axe-handled for a change. Savage stops Dibiase from leaving, as this is basically me playing No Mercy for the N64 (just trying to escape without doing any damage first). Savage hits a bodypress and seems to be waiting for a pinfall. Dibiase again climbs but gets elbowed down by Savage. Dibiase gets rammed into the thick bar down the middle, and Savage climbs. Virgil cuts him off from outside, and Dibiase slams Savage off. Savage reverses a smap suplex, and climbs until Virg stops him. A double clothesline drops both men. Savage atomic drops Dibiase into the cage, and Virgil slams the cage door on Savage’s head. Now Dibiase goes for the door, and is inches away but Savage pulls him back in. Savage once again rams Ted’s head into the thick bar, and Dibiase stops him. Savage rams Virgil and Dibiase’s heads together from the top, and makes his escape. ** For being a house show main event (though televised locally), this could have been much shorter.

WWF championship, Akeem vs. Randy Savage (c)- This was from Paris, and the card was broadcast on Prime Time Wrestling. I didn’t get USA back then, but I had my aunt tape the show for me, though I don’t know if I knew it would be a special edition that week. Why does Savage’s theme sound different than I remember it on these matches? Did they have to edit in a new version or something? Feeling out process to start, Savage hits a back elbow and clotheslines Akeem on the top rope while holding his chin hair. Savage goes up and hits a crossbody for two. Akeem chokes him on the top and flings Savage off. Akeem throws shoulders in the corner but Savage rams his head. Savage eats knee on a corner charge. Akeem chokes him with his boot on the mat. Akeem suplexes him for two. Akeem gets a bearhug to slow down this thrilling pace, then Savage fails trying to slam him. Back in the hug. Akeem then drops a leg but covers nonchalantly, and only gets two. savage rakes the eyes and chokes him on the top, then slams him and drops a knee for two. Akeem then gets a slam and elbow, but misses a splash from the middle rope. savage tosses him through the ropes and drops an axehandle. Savage tries another one in the ring, but gets hit in the breadbasket. Akeem ties Savage in the Tree of Woe and stands on his throat. When the ref objects, Akeem throws him out of the ring. Savage knees Akeem out of the ring, as it is announced Akeem was DQ’ed. *1/2. A pin would have would have been nice.

WWF championship, Andre the Giant vs. Randy Savage (c)- This seems to be from MSG. Not sure why the champ entered the ring first. Pat Patterson is conferring with Howard Finkel. Apparently, there’s a stipulation that the respective managers have to remain in their corners. Andre immediately chokes Savage and headbutts him out of the ring. Savage eventually starts firing away on the Giant but gets thrown off in the corner. Andre grabs his arms from behind. Once he gets free he tries axehandles and the like to drop the giant but gets headbutted. Finally he axehandles Andre and he goes down, but Savage misses the elbow drop. Andre rolls outside, and Savage axehandles him on the floor and the Giant goes down. Heenan goes over to help while the ref isn’t looking and then holds Savage’s legs. Andre misses an elbow drop. I guess Heenan got Andre DQ’ed? * Between this and the Saturday Night’s Main Event meeting, I just expected these matches to be more epic/better than they were. Savage vs. Andre should have been one of the highlights of Randy’s first reign, but it just wasn’t.

Disc 2

Graves breezes through the Mega Powers explosion, as Savage was now a heel. Mooney discusses how other wrestlers had issues with the Ultimate Warrior’s green-ness, but Savage worked with young guys, and they had decent matches. DDP actually uses the term “heel,” which seems odd on a WWE disc.

Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior– Savage was WWF champion and Warrior was Intercontinental champion, but it isn’t announced as a title match. Savage jumps him coming in, but Warrior rams his head to the buckles. Warrior shoulder blocks Savage to the floor, then presses him back in. Savage axehandles Warrior as he reenters, and kicks his shoulder coming off the ropes. Savage then leaps onto Warrior, gets caught, and Warrior puts him in the Tree of Woe. Warrior even shoved the ref and set him on the top buckle, but didn’t get disqualified. Hmm. Warrior misses a charge to the corner, and Savage knees him out of the ring. An axehandle to the floor follows. Savage snaps his neck on the top for two, and drops a knee. Warrior elbows out of a chin lock, but Savage gets two off of a clothesline. Macho hits an axehandle off the top for two, but Warrior gets his special. Warrior hits a running back elbow, but Rick Rude wanders out and poses. Savage gets two on a distraction roll-up, and Warrior hits knees on a splash. Rude continues to gyrate outside as Warrior Hulks Up. Warriors get two clotheslines, then randomly goes after Rude and gets counted out. *3/4. The timing seemed off, like Rude came out too early or something. Warrior beats up Rude afterward, then the heels leave together.

Brother Love Show with Savage. To combat Liz now being with Hogan (sigh), Savage announces his new manager- Sensational Sherri. What an awesome pairing this was.

The panel agrees with me. Mooney says some people liked those two better than Savage and Elizabeth. Mooney says she was like one of the boys.

WWF championship, Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan (c)- Savage seems pretty over here. I see a Molson Export sign, so I’m guessing it’s in Canada. Macho throws his robe over Hogan and attacks, including an axehandle from the top. He then covers a prone Hogan with it and hits another, but Hogan then Hulks Up. Hulk gets an atomic drop and punches away. Hogan throws him over the top, and Savage holds Sherri in front of him. Hulk then rams his head into a solid wooden table outside and hits an Axe Bomber inside. Sherri gets on the apron and jaws with Hulk, then slaps him. Savage knees him out while he’s distracted. Sherri rakes Hogan’s back and Savage drops an axehandle. Back in, Sherri chokes Hogan on the apron. Savage wins on him for a while, as the kids say, until Hogan Hulks Up. Sherri trips him and holds his arm, and Savage Boss Man Splashes him. Savage snaps Hogan’s neck on the top rope and gets a foreign obejct from Sherri. Savage axehandles Hogan with the weapon, but Hogan Hulks Up again. He Big Boots Savage to the floor, and the two brawl outside. Savage gets posted but rolled back in, and Sherri jumps on Hogan’s back. Savage then rams him into the barricade, and Randy beats the count. **3/4 Sherri puts the belt on him, and Hogan knocks their noggins.

Randy Savage vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake– Brutus runs in and chases the heels away. I think they had just given Brutus a haircut on the Brother Love Show, possibly the same night as this match. Savage walks to the back while Sherri badmouths Beefcake. Savage then runs back and clobbers Brutus. The Barber gets a clothesline and pounds away. Savage rolls out and holds Sherri in front of him. Brutus rams him into the apron. Back in, Savage chokes Brutus and tosses him over the top. Sherri then rakes his back. He menaces her around the ring, but gets waylayed again by Savage. Macho goes up top and drops an axehandle for two. He tries again , but Brutus hits him low. Savage kicks Brutus on a backdrop attempt, but gets locked in the sleeper hold. She hits Brutus with his barber bag for the DQ, and Beefcake pulls out the hedgeclippers after dumping Savage. **1/2.

Randy Savage vs. Hercules– Sad to see this promising team explode. Savage was now the Macho King. Herc shoves him , and they get into a pose-off. Savage works him over in the corner but gets clotheslined. Sherri and Herc get into a tug of war over Savage, which Herc wins. Herc press slams Macho, and Sherri pulls him to the floor. Herc gets posted outside, and Sherri kicks him in the ribs. Savage drops an axehandle and Sherri hits him in the throat with her shoe. Savage drops an axehandle on him in the ring, which gets two. Savage snaps his neck on the top for two. Macho misses an elbow drop, and Herc argues with Sherri on the apron. Savage misses a charge and ends up outside. Savage gets a two count (with Sherri pushing his foot off the bottom rope). Savage leaps into Herc’s arms for a slam, but Sherri puts Savage’s foot on the ropes. Clothesline to Savage, and Herc signals for the full nelson. Sherri pulled the rope down as Herc bounced, however, and Macho stomps him on the apron. Herc neck snaps him over the top. Sherri gives Herc her purse, and Savage whallops him while the ref isn’t looking. ** Savage got a lot of offense for being, well, him. I guess it’s a difference of working as a heel instead of a face.

Special enforcer Brother Love: Randy Savage/Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes/Sapphire– My wife walked in and asked: “Is he (Brother Love) supposed to be pink?” I explained he was a televangelist, but she asked the same question again and I had no good answer. Pat Patterson walked about with his arm around Elizabeth, and I think Rene Goulet was on her other side. Liz has like tassles in her hair here. Sherri badmouths Liz and Saph takes Sherri’s shoes. Sherri then misses a corner charge and gets thrown down. Sherri strikes Saph and throws her to Macho’s knee, but Dusty bionic elbows Sanage. Saph kind of DDTs/monkey flips Sherri, and tags Dusty. Dusty hits a back elbow on Savage, then bionic elbows. Savage knees Dusty out of the ring, and Blubber Love puts the boots to him. Macho puts Dusty in a sleeper.Savage jumps off the top and Dusty hits him in the gut. Dusty goes after Love outside, and Macho stops Dusty. Savage misses the Boss Man splash thing, and Brother Love hits Sherri with a high knee by mistake outside. Dusty gets a sleeper on Savage, Dusty goes to the top and jumps on Dust while the ref isn’t looking. Sherri gets tagged and kicks at Dusty, and then Saph gives her the worst F5 you’ll ever see. Savage kneelifts Love off of the apron, and Liz grabs Sherri’s purse and whallops her with it! Saph gets the pin. ** This was quite entertaining.

Koko B. Ware vs. Randy Savage– This was from Superstars. Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper and The Honky Donkey Man (TM Santino) are on commentary. Savage badmouths Frankie the Bird, then clotheslines Koko. A back elbow drops Koko, but the Birdman gets a small package for two. Savage hotshots Ware on the top rope, and gets a suplex. Savage chokes Koko, and drops kees. Koko gets a swinging neckbreaker, but misses a dive. Macho knees him out of the ring, then drops the axehandle. Savage hits the elbow. * I feel like clips and photos from this match were used a lot in this era.

Savage gives a promo right before Wrestlemania VII. “I’ll own you, just like that!
Graves calls Savage-Warrior his favorite Wrestlemania match. The reunion of Liz and Mach gets him every time. DDP also discusses Savage’s paranoia over having Jake Robert‘s snake bite him.

We see a “Mean” Gene podium interview with Savage and Liz from Wrestling Challenge. “Reinstatement is the plan. Reinstate the Macho Man!” Savage wanted to captain the team of the Legion of Doom and Big Boss Man at the upcoming Survivor Series, but things didn’t work out that way.

Ric Flair/Jake Roberts/Undertaker vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan/Roddy Piper/Randy Savage– What odd face/heel alignments you have here. Piper shoves Flair to the mat, and after a criss=cross sequence punches him in the face. Flair regroups on the floor. Jake then comes in, and Piper teases tagging Savage. He immediately attacks Jake, and hits a back elbow and axehandle before Jake tags Taker. Savage then brings in Duggan, who gets choked. Taker misses a charge and Duggan clotheslines him over the top. Taker snaps his neck on the top, then tags Roberts. Piper bites Taker on the nose, which distracts the ref from some heel double teaming. Flair then chops Duggan and gets punches in response. Piper in, and he gives Flair a baaaack bodydrop and kneelift. Taker tagged, and he and Flair take turns choking him. Piper then gets triple-teamed in the heel corner. Piper and Flair then do a bridge-reversal spot, and Savage gives Flair a bodydrop. Now all six men are in, and Savage drops the elbow on Flair for the pin! *** I was not expecting a clean job here, especially not from Flair.

Barbarian vs. Randy Savage– we even get an inset promo from Undertaker about the Royal Rumble. Barbie goes for the headbutt but crashes to the canvas, Savage drops the elbow for the pin. 3/4* Not much here; it was like two minutes.

Mega Powers vs. Berzerker/Jake Roberts– Hogan gets forearmed by Zerker, but he misses a dropkick and Hogan twice clotheslines him over the top. Atomic drop, and Macho in. Tag to Jake, and tosses Savage out.

Zerker rams him to the steps. Fuji may or may not have caned him. Jake taunts Hulk then tags Zerker. The Viking hits a flying clothesline on Savage, then gets a camel clutch. Zerker knees him in the gut. A piledriver follows. Savage reverses a whip but eats knee. Zerker chokes Savage with his boot. John Nord misses a knee drop, Hogan slams him, knocks noggins, big boots Zerker over the top, corner clothesline on Jake, tag to Savage, back elbow, axehandle, Jake goes out and retreats. The Undertaker keeps Jake from leaving. Hogan big boots him, then rolls up Jake for the pin. *1/2. Why was Hogan even in this? Taker would’ve made more sense.

Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage– There are Prime Time banners up, but no commentary. Jake jumps him rolling in, and hits the short clothesline. An atomic drop puts Randy on the apron, and Jake elbows his throat. Jake gives him a necksnap and sleeper, and Randy armdrags out. Jake sets up for the DDT, but Savage rams him into the corner. Macho axehandles him and rakes his eyes, and hits the back elbow. An axehandle follows, which knocks Jake to the floor. Randy rams his arm to the post, then Jake hits him on an axehandle attempt. Jake gets the DDT (!) but doesn’t cover. When he goes for a second, Randy rolls him up and pulls the tights. * This was probably a TV tapings main event.

Gene brings out new WWF champion Randy. Some say his victory was questionable, because Randy bent the rules to win it from Ric Flair. Randy thinks the only stealing was when Flair kissed Liz after the match. “I’m gonna get you, Ric Flair!” He said it’s the first time the WWF champion is challenging the challenger. They lingered on Savage walking out so long I was sure he was going to get attacked by Flair and/or Mr. Perfect.

The Berzerker/Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker/Randy SavageMr. Fuji holding the ropes open for Flair is a nice touch. Macho “Oh yeahhhhhh!”s into the mic for no reason, and we finally get down to Flair vs. Savage. Flair wooos at Taker. This is some quality Larry Zbyszko stalling. Flair backs him into the corner and wooos. They do some chain wrestling, and some shoves and slaps. Savage gets a shoulder block, and shoves and slaps Flair. Savage shoulders him down and tags Taker. Flair’s chops are no sold, and Taker press slams him, twice. Now Zerker is in, as he and Taker had an issue going here. They slug it out, and Nord big boots Taker over the top. Taker pulls him out and rams him into the steps twice. Back in, Taker takes out his legs and makes him do the splits. A Savage axehandle gets two. Flair chokes Savage, then Zerker works him over. Flair then gets tagged and does basic stuff to Randy. Zerker back in, and he chokes Randy on the buckles, and he falls to the floor. Mr. Perfect then gives Savage a swift kick, and Zerker rams him to the steps. Perfect gets another cheap shot. The Zerker kicks Savage off the apron, and Perfect again takes liberties. Zerker and Perfect (now that’s a team name) picks up the mats, and slams Savage on the bare floor. Zerker ties Savage in the ropes and kicks him, but eventually eats boot. Taker gets tagged, and flying clotheslines the Viking. Taker gets the tombstone, then clotheslines Flair over the top. Taker tags Macho, who drops the elbow for the win. Perfect tried to interfere but was too late/tripped on the bottom rope. Savage points to the urn as Paul Bearer holds it up. *1/2 This was at least something different.

Razor Ramon vs. Randy Savage– Savage is no longer champion, as I believe Ramon helped Flair win it from him days after Summerslam ’92. Ramon attacks to start. Savage gets a hiptoss and cltohesline, and he knees Hall into the corner. Savage chokes Hall on the top rope, and flings him off of it. Savage elbows Hall in the throat on the apron, and rams his head into said apron. Hall pokes Savage in the eye, and kicks at his injured knee. Savage kicks Hall away from moves on his knee, and Hall picks him up by his throat and throws him. Macho gets a mini comeback and knocks Hall to the floor. Hall wraps the leg around the post and then is able to work on the knee. He gets a rope-assisted half-crab, and works on Savage’s thigh.

Something something Savage doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Finally Savage slaps out of a leglock, and keeps hopping up after Ramon sweeps his leg. Ramon gets like an Indian deathlock to wear out Savage, but Macho kicks him through the ropes when he tries a figure four. Outside, Savage rams him to the rail, and then the post. After breaking the count Macho hits Ramon’s head on the steps, and then drops an axehandle to the floor. That hurts his knee, though, and Ramon wins by countout. ** That’s the most body part-centric psychology you’ll ever see Scott Hall employ in a competitive match. Hall continues to work on the leg after the match.

Terrific Terry Taylor vs. Randy Savage– I feel like I saw a match (if not this one) between these two on the old Wrestling Spotlight show, but that it aired months after the December 1992 airdate they showed here. Savage gets an armdrag, and then works the arm. Taylor gets a hiptoss but somehow Macho reverse it in mid-air. They trade slaps and then punches, and Macho clotheslines him over the top. Outside, Macho goes for the axehandle but gets punched in the gut.

Taylor slams him on the floor, and back in. He gives Savage kind of a front-facing Stone Cold Stunner, and more punches. Taylor gets a backbreaker for two. An atomic drop also gets two. Taylor gets a dropkick for another two count. Mach rolls Taylor up for a nearfall. Macho gets a sunset flip for another two count. Taylor hits him in the throat, and locks in a sleeper hold. Savage backs him into the corner to break. Taylor hits a Ron Simmons-esque spinebuters for a nearfall, but misses a dropkick. Savage gets a small package but can’t hold him. Macho gets a backslide for another, and Taylor clotheslines him for another cover. Taylor hits a running Savage with a back elbow, and gets a body slam. Taylor tries a Vader splash but hits knees, and Macho clotheslines him. Savage snaps his neck on the top, and hits an axehandle for two. Savage atomic drops, then back suplexes Taylor for two. Taylor eats boot in the corner, then Savage drops the elbow. *** That’s easily the best WWF Terry Taylor match I’ve ever seen.

Disc 3

Next we see the music video for Macho Man‘s song on “Wrestlemania The Album.” I’m certain producing that particular record was Simon Cowell‘s proudest accomplishment in the music business. I’ve never understood why the backup singers pronounce it “Match-o.”

Corey then throws it to outtakes of the making of that particular video. I’m not going to dig it out, but a VHS tape accompanying “Wrestlemania The Album” was released, and included at least the video, and for all I know these outtakes. Mooney says Randy was a very intense person, but he also had a great sense of humor. Corey mentions how Randy branched out in 1993 and 1994, being a commentator and on-air host. Mooney says he was a great ambassador, and great with kids.

Yokozuna vs. Randy Savage– This was held right before Wrestlemania IX, though I’m not sure if it was on a USA special? Heenan alleges that Bret Hart paid Savage off to do a number on Yoko before their big match. Savage avoids Yoko but gets shoved down. Yoko shoulder blocks him, and chops him in the throat. Yoko tosses Savage over the top, then rams him into the post. He rolls Savage back in, and throws forearms and punches. Savage fires back, but can’t drop Yoko. Bodyslam and a legdrop, then Yoko chokes him. Savage avoids a corner splash, and heads up for an axehandle. That drops him to a knee, but Fuji pokes him with the flag on a second attempt. Yoko hits a belly-to-belly and gets the pin. *3/4. They were building up a fun match, but then went home. Yoko then goes for the bonzai drop, but Savage moves. Randy then his a high knee to Yoko’s back, which sends him outside. The referees (and Jo Jo Dillon) keep Yoko from going back into the ring.

Lex Luger vs. Randy Savage– Now this is a rarity. I know they feuded in WCW, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a WWF match between them. Luger is still the Narcissist here. Earl Hebner and another ref demand Luger put on an elbowpad, to protect his opponent from the steel plate in his arm. He eventually puts it on. The crowd chants at Luger. Mach holds the ropes open. Luger attacks Savage when they get back in the ring. He rams Savage to the corner. Macho blocks a backdrop attempt, and hits a back elbow. Macho gets a clothesline for two. Luger rakes his eyes, and throws Savage over the top rope. He then rams Savage to the apron, then the railing, followed by the steps. Back in, a Luger elbowdrop gets two. He gets a boot choke, and Savage rolls out. Luger rams Savage to the post, and Luger drops an elbow for two. Savage rams Luger to the corner, but Luger eats knees. Savage necksnaps Luger on the top rope, and hits a knee to his back. Macho the hits an axehandle to the floor, and then drops an axehandle inside, but Luger causes the ref to get knocks out. Savage slams Luger and drops the elbow, but there is no referee. Luger takes off elbowpad, hits Savage and gets the 1-2-3. *1/2.
Mr. Hughes vs. Randy Savage– Hughes has Undertaker’s urn. Savage is decked out in red, white and blue. Randy attacks to start. Hughes punches and kicks. Hughes picks him up by the throat. Savage falls out of the ring. Hughes whips Savage but like lets go; that was awkward. He misses a corner charge, and Macho dives into his arms and gets slammed for 2.9. Hughes tosses him over the top. Hughes rams him tor the apron, and hits him back-first on the post. Hughes throws him back in. Hughes strands the ropes, then eats an axehandle. Hughes collides with Harvey Whippleman, and Randy rolls him up for the duke. *

Mr. Hughes/Giant Gonzales vs. Mr. Perfect/Randy Savage– Don’t worry; Mike McGuirk said this is the final match of the evening. Top that, boys! Perfect and Hughes faced off at the King of the Ring tournament that year, and Gonzales was Hughes’ stablemate, so based on the last match this one kind of makes sense. Hughes shoves Hennig to the corner, then Hughes hits a back elbow and poses. Perfect’s chops get no-sold. Hughes hits a big boot to a running Hennig, and stomps away. Tag to Giant Gonz, and he chokes Hennig in the corner. Hughes gets tagged, and hits Savage to prevent a tag. Hughes grabs a standing headlock, and Hennig crawls through his legs to tag. Savage gets trapped in the heel corner, though, and Gonzales tags and chokes him. GG picks Savage up by the throat, then drops him. The giant clothelines Savage, and punches him in the head so hard Macho falls to the floor. GG throws him back in, and menaces Hennig. Hughes gets a tag and punches Savage, but misses a corner charge. Hennig gets the tag, and kicks Hughes on a backdrop attempt. Hennig then gets one of his own, but GG cheapshots him. Savage then axehandles Hughes, and Perfect small packages him for the win. ** I thought it was a fun little match.

Randy Savage vs. FatuVince McMahon and Jim Cornette are on commentary. Savage gets an armdrag, but a headbutt drops him. Fatu clotheslines Savage. Macho rams Fatu’s head, which he no sells and headbutts Savage. Savage kicks Fatu on a backdrop attempt. Macho again rams Fatu’s head and gets hit. Fatu kicks Savage, and he falls out of the ring. Fatu rams Savage to the steps. Savage rams Fatu’s head to the steps, and gets savate kicked. Fatu rams Savage to the post. Fatu headbutts Savage, and gets two. Savage rakes Fatu’s eyes, and backdrops him.

Savage gets backdropped to the floor. Afa cheapshots Savage, and Fatu gets two. Fatu hits Savage with Afa’s whip thing for a two count. Fatu gets a backbreaker, and goes up. Savage crotches him, and Fatu falls to the floor. Savage hits an axehandle, then back in he drops the elbow for the 1-2-3. *3/4.

Corey and the crew talk, and wow- we see a clip of DDP at a live WCW Saturday Night held at the Coca-Cola 600 race! That’s a rarity I’ve been looking for for years. Bayley first saw Randy in WCW.

Randy’s WCW Debut“Mean” Gene introduces him on WCW Saturday Night. Savage is looking for someone named Hulk Hogan. Gene says it’s easy, he’ll be at Starrcade. “Starr-cade?” Savage asks. He can wait. “By hook or by crook the Macho Man will be at Starrcade.” He’s going to either shake Hogan’s hand, or slap his face. You can guess which he did, because…

Butcher/Kevin Sullivan vs. Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage– This would be Savage’s Clash debut, after debuting at Starrcade in a “whose side is he on?” angle. That angle would ironically get replayed with those two a couple of years later. This is an infamous match, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Hogan starts with Butcher. He rams Bruti to the corner, where Beefcake helpfully rams his own head to the buckle. Butcher gets clotheslined in the corner, and Flair Flops. Macho in, and axehandles Butcher and rams Sullivan and Bruti’s head together. Hogan axehandles Butcher as Macho holds him. Hogan hits a big boot but Butcher locks on the sleeper. Butcher lets go and he and Sullivan celebrate. Then Savage drops the elbow (his finisher) on Hogan, which wakes him right up. How does that even make sense? Hogan atomic drops Butcher and he flies outside. Hogan clotheslines Bruti and the Maniacs double big boot him. Sullivan in, and he whips Savage into a Butcher backdrop out of the ring. Butcher rams Savage to the rail and post. Sullivan does his little person offense to Savage, and they choke him on the top rope. Sullivan keeps beating up Savage on the apron and outside, despite not being the legal man. Back in, Bruti ties him in the Tree of Woe, and Sullivan tags and runs into him. What an in-ring debut for Savage this is. Bruti locks the sleeper on Savage, but he Stone Cold Stuns him to get free. Savage leaps and hot tags Hogan, who double noggin-knockers the heels. Hogan big-boots Butcher, and slams him. Savage then drops the big elbow, and Hogan legdrops Butcher for the win. Notice the elbow didn’t revive Beefcake. *1/4. Vader then clotheslines Savage all the way out of the ring, and Hogan and Vader face off. And, oh yeah, it gets better- Vader powerbombs Hogan, and he pops right back up two seconds later. Hogan and Savage double axe bomber Vader, and suddenly have chairs to swing at him. The Faces of Fear hold Vader off, as their run as top heels official ends.

Steve Austin vs. Randy Savage– I’d be blown away, but I have this recorded from the original airing… on the Coca-Cola 600 episode, though this match was held at Center Stage Theater. This was a part of the U.S. championship tournament. They tussle… and Austin slaps Savage. He takes a back elbow for his troubles, and gets choked on the top rope. Austin pokes the eyes, and rams him to the buckles. Austin throws Savage through the ropes. Back in, Austin snaps his neck and drops a knee. The future Stone Cold goes up for a splash, but the pool is empty. Savage throws him out, posts him, then hits him on the railing. Savage slams Austin, and drops the elbow. * Just think what these two could have done together at both of their peaks.

Tony Schiavone brings Savage in after the match. Austin was in the wrong place, wrong time. Now he will take the Nature Boy out.

WCW world championship, Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage (c)- This was from Nitro later that year. Flair gets an eyepoke, and necksnaps Savage. He misses a kneedrop, and wraps Savage’s knee around the post. Savage gets the figure four, and Jimmy Hart (Flair’s manager at the time) pushes the bottom rope toward Flair to get the ref to break it. Savage starts punching him in the corner, but gets atomic dropped. Savage gets a near fall on a figure four reversal, but Flair knees him low. Flair tosses him to the floor, and Hart puts the boots to him. After a break, we see Flair whip Savage into the railing. A bunch of fans tap him back for luck, and Savage grabs a folding chair. The ref takes it from him, and Flair snaps his neck on the top rope. Flair hits a back elbow, and stomps the Macho Man. Flair works on Savage’s taped-up arm, which I don’t remember the storyline origin of. Savage clotheslines Flair, and gets a backslide for two. They slug it out, and Flair kicks him between the goalposts. Flair gets a suplex for a two count. Another break, and they are punching and chopping each other. Savage gets a backdrop for two. FLair flops, and Savage kicks him to the floor. Savage gets hit coming down with an axehandle, but he gets a sleeper back inside. Flair works on his leg, and locks on the figure four. Savage makes the rope, but Flair gets a necksnap. Flair heads up top, Savage slams him off the top. Savage clotheslines him twice, but Flair pokes him in the eye. Flair locks on a sleeper, but Savage rams him to the buckle. Savage rolls him up for two. Flair tries a piledriver but Savage backdrops out for two. Savage hits an axehandle for two, and Hart grabs his ankle from outside. Savage decks him, drawing in Lex Luger. Savage brawls with him, then Sting comes in and matches up with Flair. Sing and Savage back into each other, and shoves away and seem prepared to go to war. I definitely remember that ending from its original airing on Christmas night 1995.

Kurasawa vs. Randy Savage– This is from WCW Pro at Universal Studios. Was this the future Impact Zone? Hulk Hogan (!) comes out with a chair, and Savage attacks Kurasawa from behind. Savage throws Kura out. Back in, they brawl and Kura chops Savage so hard his doo-rag falls off. Kura works on Savage’s arm. He performs the move that broke Road Warrior Hawk’s arm, and gets the Kurasawa Crunch. He slams Savage and heads up. The pool is empty, however, and Savage goes up and hits an axehandle. Macho gets a clothesline, then an elbowdrop. *3/4. It was something different. Is this around when Hulk turned into Prototype Hollywood Hogan?

Earl Robert Eaton (with the man Dusty Rhodes calls “Chives”) vs. Randy Savage– Macho chases Eaton around. After a break, Savage rakes Eaton’s eyes on the top rope. Savage backdrops Eaton to the floor. Savage rams him to the post. He gets a necksnap and an elbow gets two. Eaton throws Savage over the top. Fred Flintstone is randomly in the crowd. Back in, Eaton clips Savage’s knee. E struts like Flair, and locks on the figure four. He held up a Horseman shirt while in it. Savage reverses, gets a hot shot and Savage slams Eaton. Chives interferes and Savage pulls off his wig and goes after him. Savage backdrops Eaton on the floor, slams him back in and drops the elbow for the win. *1/2. Savage then throws the referee down, and some faces try to stop him from dropping another elbow. They fail, and Savage gets handcuffed.
The gang talks the i. We see when Savage and Liz showed the Playboy magazine Kimberly was in, with strategically-placed nWo symbols. DDP talks of Savage putting him over.

Gene interviews DDP on NItro. They spraypainted nWo on Kim, and that’s DDP’s real world. Savage and Liz come out in the crowd. Savage says we’ll find out at Spring Stampede if DDP has any family jewels. DDP says bring that bimbo LIz, and also calls her a tramp. Oh snap.

Randy Savage vs. Curt Hennig– It’s so sad to see this dream team explode. This is from Nitro. Savage takes his head off with a clothesline, then drops an elbow on the apron. Hennig rams his head into the railing, and Savage holds Liz in front of him. She drops down when Hennig goes for a clothesline. After a break Hennig is kicking Savage in the ribs. He snaps Savage’s neck, and hits a kneelift. Savage kicks Hennig’s knee, and Perfect oversells it. Hennig tosses Savage out while he does his taunt, and DDP all of a sudden is in the ring brawling with Hennig. Savage comes back in and beats on DDP, and Scott Hall comes out for backup. Savage drops an elbow on DDP, and then another. Lex Luger then clears the ring. Let’s say the match was too inconclusive for a rating.

Randy Savage vs. Lex Luger– This is from the infamous nWo Nitro episode on the go-home edition for Starrcade ’97. Savage pounds away to start. Luger gets a clothesline. Savage slugs him down, and chokes Lex on the ropes. Savage gets a boot choke, then a suplex. Luger runs into feet, then Savage chokes him on the ropes. Savage gives him a hot shot, and a back elbow. Savage tosses him through the ropes, and into the stairs. Luger rams him into the railing, and they brawl in the crowd. Luger gets three clotheslines, but Savage ducks a bionic elbow and the ref gets knocked out. Luger press slams Savage, and Macho bails. Buff Bagwell attacks Luger on the outside, and Kevin Nash wanders in. He jackknifes Luger, then Savage drops an elbow. He actually gets the pin, too. *

Ric Flair/Charles Robinson vs. Madusa/Randy Savage– There’s a lot of backstory here, but I don’t wish to get into it. Dusa mixes it up with Robinson. They really made him over into a Flair clone. She tosses him down, and then he gets a takedown but gets clotheslined. Robinson does a Flair Flop for good measure. Dusa wishbones him, and tags Savage. Naitch then tags Flair. Savage shoulderblocks him, and punches him in the corner. Dusa gives Robinson a piledriver for two. Flair gives Dusa a belly-to-back suplex, but she gets a couple of near falls on him. Flair goes for the figure four. Flair flip, Savage clotheslines Robinson on the apron. Macho drops an elbow on Lil’ Naitch for the win. *
Graves wraps it up. Since Savage went into the Hall of Fame, he asks DDP what that’s like.

The Wrap

This set is a fun watch. There were a few matches I already owned/had seen multiple times, but there were a lot of new curiousities. If you’re strictly looking for The Best of Randy Savage, the two previous DVD releases have you covered.
If you like what you read here, I recently released an ebook reviewing all of the original NBC Saturday Night’s Main Event shows: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FC7SZ1F

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