15 July 2024

Why Brock Lesnar Should Be A Free Agent

Since John Cena became a WWE free agent, one has to wonder who will be the next free agent? Surely Cena cannot be the only free agent in the company, right?  I personally believe there are many other superstars in the company who are capable of pulling off the concept. However one name springs to mind immediately; Brock Lesnar.

Final Professional Wrestling Run?

Since Wrestlemania 33 back in April, speculation of Brock Lesnar’s professional wrestling career has been disputed. It has been noted that his current WWE Contract expires next April, after Wrestlemania 34. Therefore with this in mind, one has to wonder; are we seeing the last of Brock Lesnar in the WWE?

Considering Lesnar is set to defend his WWE Universal Champion at WWE Summerslam, he has also been rumored to be dropping the belt. Thus with this in mind, why not provide Lesnar with another incentive to draw big matches?

Furthermore, as it is seemingly his final WWE run then the company shall need to make the most of the commodity.

Potential Opponents For Brock Lesnar

At this point in time, there are an array of superstars Brock Lesnar could face, that he’s never faced before. Now is the time for WWE to make the most of this possibility, between both RAW and Smackdown Live!

The likes of AJ Styles and Finn Balor have never faced Brock Lesnar, those two names alone would really create a marketable bout. WWE need to make the most of fresher and newer talent to take on Lesnar, in what could be his final days in WWE and professional wrestling.

You can list all the potential opponents for Brock Lesnar right now, then you would realize that WWE have a wonderful opportunity to create some first-time bouts with the Beast Incarnate.

Brock Lesnar Should Have Always Been A Free Agent

One could argue that John Cena is a huge pull for WWE, but so is Brock Lesnar. If anything Lesnar is essentially an ever bigger pull for the company, to an extent. This is because there is such an endless Pandora into the marketing for Brock Lesnar.

Additionally the fact that he is a part-timer really adds to the commodity, so with that in mind I find it baffling how WWE never created the free agent concept around Brock Lesnar. The former UFC star is perhaps one of sport’s most marketable names.

Ultimately to end Brock Lesnar’s career, it would be fitting for the company to make him a free agent after WWE Summerslam.

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